View from our bedroom deck.... It's a lovely spring nite in Minnesota.
  • chefazView from our bedroom deck.... It's a lovely spring nite in Minnesota.

  • bigceasecesarWhen can I visit? I want to eat bizzare Minnesota foods :)
  • c.slattI knew after the winter we had last year that this year would be a doozie 😭😩😫😳
  • irinimou@chefaz got any bizarre foods suggestions for Madison WI? I
  • sappholaLove being from Minnesota, but I love being an arizona transplant even more...especially when I see pictures like this! Stay warm @chefaz
  • iknowurbutwhatamiI think that's possibly better than my 9 inches of rain and my flooded basement. But I'm not too sure...
  • titobaconOne mans trash is another mans weather... Try and stay warm chef!
  • asudvls<~~~~from AZ
  • stwbrypockyHeard a guy on the radio today who said he's "about ready to snap and loose it" with the weather. Stay warm!
  • jlperez67Good day for soup.
  • savi1280#sorry ⛄❄😢
  • neels_ja🙈🙉🙊👎👎👎👎👎🌸💐
  • cooking_clubUgh 😳
  • megkingabrahamYup.
  • wyrkyrgyrlOn gosh is that snow??? Gee whiz
  • starsrainbowsI thought u were in canada
  • robmason81We are in Indiana we are getting flooded , would rather have the snow about now lol.....
  • joedaddyfoshoI'm in coon rapids u should see my patio smfh! !!
  • zachbrown73You're missing the sun and the blooms in WV, Chef.
  • x.simo.xRun away from the snow by doing a 3rd episode in Morocco :D
  • jet_simonChef stop by and visit us at Tilia in linden hills!
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