New photo of bombing suspect, at large in Watertown, MA after police pursuit. Other bombing suspect dead. #boston #watertown #prayforboston
  • breakingnewsNew photo of bombing suspect, at large in Watertown, MA after police pursuit. Other bombing suspect dead. #boston #watertown #prayforboston

  • jodirockstar@ghostface1914 oh and why is your page private with all those pics you tagged me in if your so proud of what your sharing and speaking of let all see!! Maybe you know your ignorant lol
  • ghostface1914@jodirockstar your right but actually being in fraternity which you didn't notice with the date in my name. I know you don't know much about that is why you didn't pick up on it. Listen white girl or whatever you are this conversation is done. Respond as much as you want okay
  • ghostface1914@call_it_shoeicide look you don't have to cosign with anyone. Use your own mind okay
  • ghostface1914@call_it_shoeicide @jodirockstar I just realized I'm arguing with two white girls through the social airways. I'm disappointed in myself lol
  • ghostface1914@call_it_shoeicide one my friends told me to tell you look up racism and ignorant because you're using them wrong
  • ghostface1914@call_it_shoeicide don't capitalize black
  • jodirockstar@ghostface1914 LMAOOOO you just proved my point you ignorant RACIST!!!
  • ghostface1914Racism is centered around power and the ability the oppress, look up european colonialism. Ignorant means lack in knowledge or training. I know what I'm talking about and I have plenty of sources. Who do you need? Tim Wise or Michael E Dyson Dubois or Garvey any scholar dealing with race.
  • jodirockstar@ghostface1914 ok ill use the term correctly "you @ghostface1914" (ignorant racist) your IG name and ignorant racist mean the same in the dictionary!
  • ghostface1914@call_it_shoeicide white, blue, green, mulatto or bi-racial you win I'm ignorant and a racist okay
  • jodirockstar@ghostface1914 you were done a half hour ago so I thought but your ignorant racist a55 couldn't stfu
  • torrri_joThis whole entire thing is so fishy...
  • art_spot_light@usawomen point taken ,yet still I'm convinced that the US media is bad news :/ and the usa government also ,just my take on it .
  • art_spot_lightAnd wow it's hard to stick to your believes after reading all of these comments ,man we are drifting day by day :/
  • dorette_mandalawiFind that fucker like
  • mericahq@saddphilosopher Oh, don't worry. We don't stand our Government either, but we love our country though. We see them as two different entities and the media can be bias, but believe me. The majority of the American people don't blame Islam or Muslims on this. We are just happy that the remainding one was finally caught.
  • art_spot_light@usawomen good to know ^_^
  • aldcxovideos@usawomen Well we should because they bomb everthing and they've killed litttle kids so.. We shouldnt let them in the country and they've ruined the niceness of boston. Now I cant go there because 2 stupid people who bombed
  • mopcleaner1I saw the picture of the 1st dead guy, the police mutilated his corpse
  • mopcleaner1it was on reddit gore
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