↗So I'm been wanting to do weekly meal preps🍱 ever since following @mealprepmondays ... But haven't gotten around go doing it... Tuesday night I put together a 👉👉BEGINNERS mini meal prep for the rest of the week... Lunch & dinners... Breakfast I drink a Body By Vi protein shake, in which I incorporate chia seeds & I get my daily serving of fruit.🍌🍓 Pictured below is boneless skin🐓 chicken, sautéed with onions and Serrano peppers and a little Szechuan sauce, mixed in with broccoli and mushrooms... And the other is ground turkey meat, 🐔 cooked with Serrano peppers and onions and various other taco type seasonings, mixed with pinquinto beans and corn🌽, which I can eat by itself or throw on a salad with salsa as dressing... And snacks are pistachios and steak beef jerky from Costco which is high in protein & low sodium. Also, for another high protein snack, 10 shrimps, 🍤 sautéed in coconut oil, Serrano peppers, garlic and onions with lime juice. Deeeeelish! 🔜 Stay tuned for next week when I try to complete one for the entire week.😬
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