God I miss this 80s #TBT
  • jlavalle5God I miss this 80s #TBT

  • ladyjaxsonLook at your mom!!! She was a hot mama!!!
  • dats94Yur old lol
  • jazzy_zuri26Ur mom looks the same
  • x.v4m.xho
  • ashleyfuenteAwwwe
  • aaalyssalynnJanice!
  • t0pquality@lo102786 clearly he didn't say he remembers it he's just sayin he miss being young. So all of y'all need to stop over analyzing stuff and leave him the hell alone. You guys have no life
  • mamimadea9212Omgosh!! Me TOO! #RIVERACRIB how PRECIOUS!!
  • khloes_lifeUr baby looks exactly like u when u were small how cute
  • idakarlssonhLorenzo looks just like u:)
  • melissacatoOmg ur son definitely looks a lot like u he looks like Nicole too but more u! You two are a cute couple and have a Beauitful son , I don't know Nicole but sometimes a pic is worth a thousand words and she seems so diff from jersey shore motherhood and you are. Prob the best things that could of happened to her she seems like a very kind and caring girl! She really never liked the drama on the show she always tried to make things good with everyone she deserves major props for putting up with the jerks who say negative things. Take care of ur family they r Beauitful!
  • officialmariazapataLorenzo is your Minnie you! So cute!
  • miryam_contrerasrGuapisimoo
  • ambercullinannoh my god! is that Janis? she looks great
  • melanie_nicoleeeeMinnie you....
  • kimmyy_2391Looks like Lorenzo wow
  • butaperson46Janisssss!!!!!! We luv u
  • altijdlauraLorenzo looks like you when you were young!! @jlavalle5
  • _preachmamiLorenzo looks like u wen u was younger
  • lokakarlitaIts looks I'm seeing lorezo here 😄😃
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