#Guns #GunControl #Violence #Disgusting #America #Fail
  • theperezhilton#Guns #GunControl #Violence #Disgusting #America #Fail

  • davidmichael88@rhiannonrick Fair enough but how do you lock someone up before they commit a crime? There will always be insane people on the verge of violence, it seems to me that making it harder for them to access semiautomatic weapons couldn't hurt.
  • beckjboothIs it really that hard? Seriously the US is so far behind the times. The gun laws need to change! It's not the 1700's anymore! #getwithit
  • theaprily😔
  • melsblesdPeople kill people not guns. no it's not the 1700s anymore but this is our right and our protection. #PROUDAMERICAN #PROTECTOURRIGHTS
  • joel_cliburnHahaha I LOVE MY GUNS! screw you obama
  • kikikheyaYou can have your guns...we want there to be proper background checks to try to keep guns out of the hands of unstable people and violent criminals. This should not be political, but the Right thing to do! Some of you are basically saying screw you to all those murdered by people who were able to get guns with out proper background checks...so sad!
  • meganmelissa93US sucks. Go Canada. I mean if you shoot someone who is on your property it's okay, but if you threaten them and don't shoot them you go to jail. Like... USA is fucked.
  • anova125@perezhilton you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. You're in sensational journalism and one of the reasons that America is starting to fail. Stay out of politics and stick with what you know: Britney Spears and your awful taste in fashion.
  • jttomaiko@meganmcnally14 This is why lil 12 year old girls aren't allowed to vote.
  • meganmelissa93@jttomaiko I'm 19. Thanks though. 👏
  • bmit24@kikikheya We already do have background checks. The people this new bill was trying to prevent from obtaining guns still would not undergo a background check, rendering the bill useless. The only thing it would have done was make it more of a hassle for the people who don't break the law. That is the reason it was defeated.
  • iamhendon@kiwi_loves_you 👍 @lisa52mcr👏
  • cinnieminnieThis picture is awful. NOBODY should ever use the deaths of children for their own personal agenda. If you have a valid argument by all means use it but don't use dead children this way.
  • lolo_wilkesIf you guys new what the bill actually was, it was more than just background checks it was also a band on some assault guns. Do your research before you vote idiots
  • jensireneaI agree with @cinnieminnie ! It's despicable to gain sympathy votes for a bill to be passed! Besides, I listened to the presidents so called speech and I totally agree with the ideas of wanting to prevent criminals from purchasing weapons but doesn't anybody remember that the gunman that killed those poor children was not the owner of the weapons? He had stolen them!!!!! From his mother yes.... But she wasn't the mentally unstable person in this situation. If this bill had been passed before the incident, she would have still been able to purchase and he would've still stolen the guns. No law will prevent hate crimes or terrorists. They will find a way. Don't be taking this out on the existing gun owners today and future gun owners because the criminals can't be controlled. Maybe instead of focusing the blame on the guns and the gun laws and parading these poor Newtown families around for a sympathy vote or a political agenda, maybe we should focus on the way the criminals/ terrorists are handled or punished. Maybe we should focus on the criminal activities in our own country and get back to being the UNITED states rather than focus on other countries that don't give a damn about the US! Fight our internal battles!!!
  • frecklesonmysoulDefinitely agree with @cinnieminnie !! And shame on you for actually thinking Obama has your best interest at heart!
  • meredithrayemoore@jensirenea totally agree! The crazies will find a way regardless!
  • rboyko89This dude needs to stick with reporting Britney Spears news. Fkn twig. Using dead children to promote an un-American political stance. Piece of shit.
  • mrstolan2U are such a disgusting human being. U should be ashamed of urself for so many reason @perezhilton
  • cleverplayonwords@tay71993 What honestly makes you think legality of guns will reduce their use by criminals? These are criminals, remember... They are NOT law abiding. Guns will still be ALL OVER the streets. Only difference is us law abiding citizens can't have our own guns to defend ourselves with.
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