Hopefully the videos about "Imagination", "Reality" n "Fear" have helped you out...here's the new one ep. 4 "Family" --> www.uknowbigsean.com
  • bigseanHopefully the videos about "Imagination", "Reality" n "Fear" have helped you out...here's the new one ep. 4 "Family" --> www.uknowbigsean.com

  • your_fav_nez💋
  • seekay612gaaaah my 3 favs :DDDD (:
  • lilbug22shots@bigseangood I need sum chainz frm u guyz
  • lifeofhustlestarrWe will met soon
  • musicalgenius305🎵Whoa thereeee ...Big Sean will go thereeee🎵 #Collabo
  • kinggggrrrWat s that pyramid shit for like I jus don't get it @bigseangood if that's wat ur not meaning smh #killuminati
  • davidhudddPush is fit with the umbrella nigga
  • theheronamed@kinggggrrr The pyramid is a symbol of power and worship of the sun god Ra in ancient Egypt. It is used to amplify thought energy and many more purposes. It has nothing to do with the Illuminati, honestly...
  • kinggggrrrLol..... @sirhenrynotungv well sorry to be the bare if bad news but all of that shit is illuminati Hun point blank period
  • theheronamed@kinggggrrr Know your history! It can be the difference between thinking something is "Illuminati" or not. Illuminati LITERALLY means "enlightened ones." I'm enlightened... I guess you can say I'm Illuminati. Also, the Illuminati you're thinking about is a racist group started in England, and have MUCH more to do with Christianity than Satanism, therefore black people CANNOT be a part of such organization
  • kinggggrrrDo not tell me wat I know just because u do not agree with wat I say. U have your point I have mines so no need to strategize on this matter understood @sirhenrynotungv. The truth will always reveal 😉
  • theheronamedExactly. @kinggggrrr Hotep, sister. ^_^
  • kinggggrrrAnd u are completely lost god bless u
  • theheronamed@kinggggrrr you don't meeean that! :)
  • ashlee.janelle_@konquezzy_23 @parks_andrecreation @cheepskate @kinggggrrr y'all some ignorant ass motherfuckers ! why must you think everything circles around the "illuminati" ? it's clearly a fucking PLAY button to play the video you cock suckers. smh 😡😡 💥🔫
  • kinggggrrrU sho targeting me out ho the truth is wat it is.... Ain't nobody talking to u believe wat u want trick no biggie @phreckles_
  • ymcmb_richgang1Twoo Chainnz *2Chainz'sVoice*
  • g.o.o.d_musicB.I़.G
  • saywordstazSick photography
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