"HEY! No horseplay in the pool area!"
  • pftompkins"HEY! No horseplay in the pool area!"

  • strawberrylunaSomething else to do in the 7th: http://unlike.net/paris/shop/deyrolle Just your average 19th c. gardening & antique taxidermy (sort of?) shop.
  • pftompkins@strawberryluna You are ON IT. Merci!
  • strawberrylunaÀ votre service!
  • strawberryluna(Also, - last one I promise - The twilight Seine Cruise past Notre Dame is 10000% the coolest. The light on those buildings is stupid reverie beautiful, and then a bunch of tipsy-rowdy locals usually moon the tourists from the banks at the turn around. It's magnificent!)
  • gavinwiesenI second Deyrolle taxidermy - a must
  • jadweegaDgegcrvzgxgtdcgtvttvcgvf. Gfgfjfhhyebhjfyfyryeyy
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