#TBT - first day of dance rehearsals (a day early)
  • totallytboz#TBT - first day of dance rehearsals (a day early)

  • lachaloopaCan they rock with y'all?
  • forever_tlcDry morning faces lol, know yall put in work tho,&&& ummm Tboz! where is the dance clip u promised us we would see?? @totallytboz
  • cici_is_m3I bet u and Chilli had to take them to school for a minute lol jk. I seen a vid of Chilli dancing on YouTube at this. Y'all still got it of course!
  • forever_tlc....omg i just wanna let u know i had somethin for tbt until i just realized its WEDNESDAYYYYYYY, its ok tboz happens to all of us sometimes lol.. U r in the states right?? >_< @totallytboz
  • forever_tlcOhhh a day early, thts what u meant.. U cnt do thaattt lol @totallytboz
  • chrisstokes1969@totallytboz ya'll kill it and make that gear hot!!!!
  • obssessed_with_sneaksY'all look like u just woke up
  • ronaldocaseiro1@totallytboz I hope they do justice girl because you r legendary and I can see how it can be hard to relive and play such legends love u tboz @totallytboz
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