Unpacking boxes of studio gear... ;)
  • deadmau5Unpacking boxes of studio gear... ;)

  • madmarsrocksSo THAT'S what you make your music with...
  • marcus_chong_@the_philosophical_jew
  • joujielbardisyI love how he plays play station but he's all over Xbox #PS4 #XboneSucks
  • bbyjamiegotta pack yo shit up now! lol
  • utriculariaOnly insecure children with nothing better to do but waste time talking smack about inanimate objects like consoles as if it makes them appear cooler. Pro tip: you only look more immature. #illusorysuperiority @joujielbardisy
  • joujielbardisyNot smack truth Xbone is down hill ps4 wining and that makes me cool? Whaa... Bro this is Instagram why the shit would I need to be cool. Btw I have booth consoles and a gaming computer there's no hate exempt with Microsoft's Decisions
  • joujielbardisy@utricularia
  • utriculariaCool story bro. Your reading comprehension is awful. This is why you should probably be paying less attention to console wars and maybe more important things, perhaps your education. By the way, "xbone sucks" is not a fact, it's an opinion. Much like "the sun sucks" is my opinion, and not reflective of every single person. You clearly think you're cool, what is the point of posting it on a famous persons comments where everyone will see? Go be proud of something that actually matters in life. @joujielbardisy
  • joujielbardisyThe only Reason I said it was because HE HAS HUG FUCKING CONTRACT WITH MICROSOFT. and also ass hate what the fuck does my education have to do with my mother fucking free time when in Honors.
  • joujielbardisyAnd if you have an opinion that's fine but its true that Microsoft's Xbox Department is taking a beating at the moment
  • joujielbardisy@utricularia
  • acosta11vanHaha, only Deadmau5 fans. 😏👆
  • insomniacsally@joujielbardisy if you're an Honors student, I'm the fucking queen of England. Smart people spell correctly even on the Internet. I've seen two year olds who write better than you.
  • chrisavilesjAmen @23swaggyfaggy23
  • utriculariaMaybe you should learn the definition of immature before using it. Lol @ telling people they have no life/need a better one when you took the time out of your day to do exactly what we did: comment. Get over yourself. @23swaggyfaggy23
  • utriculariaLove how you have the nerve to call people immature when you should take a long, hard look at your username, bro. Derogatory terms? Check! Childish slang? Check! Hypocrite? Check! @23swaggyfaggy23
  • insomniacsallyI know. Seriously. I'm in college. I'm on summer vacation. I have loads of free time. And stupid people piss me off.
  • joujielbardisyAnnoying person is annoying @utricularia
  • liaaaaaaaaaaaam[ post comment here]
  • ayyy_its_samia@tyriaunna.ghost.sola
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