Margaret Thatcher's funeral 3.
  • gideonmendelMargaret Thatcher's funeral 3.

  • mjamesfilm:(
  • robynshearer_@dmomintz @attorneyboydodom haha, funny one. I'm Scottish, that pretty much explains it.
  • robynshearer_@bridelp um nope, not quite.
  • luisgalochiribogajrWatch your thoughts as they become words.Watch your words because they become actions.Watch your actions because they become habits.Watch your habits because they become your character.Watch your character for it becomes your destiny.Margaret Thatcher – The Iron Lady
  • rickyjreal1RIP MRS.THATACHER
  • gideonmendelDear Friends, with all the comments on these pics going a bit haywire, perhaps I should clarify my position on today's events. I believe Margaret Thatcher did immense damage to this country, which has become my home. I was there to record events today because it is a unique moment in history, but I certainly did not want to glorify them. I agree with the protestors who challenge whether she had to have such an immense expensive military funeral with so much pomp and ceremony, when she was so divisive and destructive a figure in recent history.
  • mgosi_wakayaRIP Maggie
  • miri_johnsonWow...look at all the people
  • paxofellarip to the iron lady she aint for turning :'(
  • julianankevichRip
  • javeeangeles@gideonmendel yeah maybe she was destructive but she also contributed to make your country what it is now today, of she wasn't part of your History do you think your country will be better? And didn't you know that she was first a chemist that contributed in the research for preservatives for ice cream so that it will last. Thanks to her we can enjoy eating our ice cream today.. Hopefully before we became prejudice we should check first the person and where is she/he is coming from and check ourselves too before saying anything to people. Thanks
  • brandonpatocNice capture 👍
  • hamibabyRip
  • gsarahgNice
  • black_seoyaygooooood
  • rubia410RIP
  • soymaferlinRIP
  • bhavesh24what a amazing photography @gideonmendel RIP Margaret Thatcher'
  • hokselslahon har levat allderles för länge instagram-döden
  • olivier6876RIP
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