gram in the grass
  • emmyrossumgram in the grass

  • si_pudgeI loved you in shameless. @emmyrossum but finding out you're a Knicks fan is even better
  • discoballmanReally?!? @emmyrossum
  • barbarast22Grazing
  • jgenx7Love the position!
  • lisabelleloveHey, send some of that sunshine over here, will ya?? @emmyrossum #Michiganweather
  • sickwititnikIf the world went upside down and I had the chance to take u out
  • longliveamunra😍😍😍😍😍
  • mrbigelow78@emmyrossum All dat azz gurl..... LoL!!!
  • well I just wanna say that a couple weeks ago my music teacher had us vote on which musical to watch: hairspray, singing in the rain, or phantom of the opera. I picked hairspray not knowing how awesome phantom of the opera is. We watched your movie and it was UHHHHMAYYYYZINNGGG! I got the movie on amazon and I still watch every time im in the car. The music is so Catchy but unfortunately I can only sings the phantoms parts because your parts are so higher pitched than I can get and my voice squeaks haha. But yeah you're really good at singing and acting.
  • katymoon83georgous!!
  • aboal3z77والله انك اذا انتي هاذي مززززة مررررة نايس والله ان طيزك في الصميم تخليين
  • aboal3z77يالبا ياقلبي عليييك
  • aboal3z77والله اني من امس افكر فيك
  • tomthespirithunternmoreAll I can say is your a very beautiful n talented person with a beautiful soul n this picture of u is also beautiful ! Hope your having a wonderful holiday weekend.
  • highdefotos@king_of_all_kush ...she thinks no one knows her caption reference ; )
  • natta_90Pure beauty <3
  • imohnd90ههههههههه وش جابك هنا انت
  • jonhultGot me realised how much I will miss summer... :)
  • barca__loverأررلعن الله ابوؤ ابو
  • native_warrierAbsolutely stunnin'! I mean.. wow... YUMMYYY
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