Downloading @callofduty #uprising #blackops2
  • ijustineDownloading @callofduty #uprising #blackops2

  • 7478_iju5tine LOL
  • mahmoud2kx@_wild_one_ yeah I guess you're right
  • its_greg2000psn pluS members get like deals and stuff on map packs games and other stuff
  • tommivintageIf you wanna lose add me!😲😉
  • alas_dare_ocr@tommivintage She already did, when she added me. 😏
  • animegamerholicAdd me @kJTB619 & @Shellgangrio
  • animegamerholicOn x-box love
  • animegamerholicLive
  • spthe1oneAdd me DonkillumantiSp
  • th3_good_lif3I want it so bad
  • th3_good_lif3The map pack
  • th3_good_lif3Ok
  • codyhwrightI have the season pass! Jelly? @ijustine
  • uxtxheadshotxWhat is ur gamer tag on Xbox I want to add u
  • aditinareshLove that game
  • olimpiakrezI really want the X Box because i want to start a gaming channel just like yours! I would play FIFA, NBA 2K, and of course Call of Duty!! I really hope you choose me because I would use it a lot!
  • evelynkueJustine! I think I'll start off by saying that I'm not a huge gamer, but my little brother is. He has been bothering my parents for an Xbox since forever! The last gaming consol he had was the Nintendo 64 (throwbackkkk). I know he's super into this stuff and he spends so much time on the Internet watching videos over the Xbox and xbox games. I haven't been the greatest sister ever, but I want to win this consol for him. He deserves it: he's hardworking, persistent, and most of all, in love with the new Xbox. If I won this, I would surprise him with it as his Christmas present! I love your videos and I hope you pick me!
  • anthonymillan_I would love to have the xbox one right now my family can't afford to get an xbox one for me for christmas. I'm trying to save up for one but this is a great opportunity. i currently have the xbox 360 but if i had the one i would friend you, use the money i saved up to get the lego movie game, destiny, and gta 5 lol. Hope you see this. and i currently only have $240 saved up which took me 4 months to get
  • _seighinIjustine I beile that I should win because I live on a very small house and I never owned any video game consoles I am on my IPOD 2 RIGHT NOW. And that I would never be able to afford an Xbox One even with my family help and I would really would live to talk to you and your turkey are my inspiration and I want to be just like tou just in a male version because you all of these new and advanced technology it would be an dream of mine just to talk to you. And be able to win an Xbox one! And for you to be so generous to be giving away an XBOX ONE of all of your own money!!! So if. You ever read this I would love to be the winner of an Xbox one!!! Thank you,Love you!!!! And im subscribed to all of you channels to!!!! @ijustine
  • nkmo8I want the xbox one because I want to play many games on it of course call of duty but others like assassin's Creed unity (getting rouge) but I can't get it because my family is right on money it would be a Christmas dream before Christmas I really doubt I will win just have bad luck all my friends have it and are all playing that instead of playing 360 with me I got the 360 because we had money then I want to play grand theft auto 5 I watched you play it and it looked so much fun and I watch almost all your videos and is would be awesome to win. I know this is long but you are such a funny youtuber and u do amazing things like this thank you and have a great day. P.s. I watch your videos when I'm sad to cheer me up with your great singing and you should stop saying people don't want to hear you because they do
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