#prayforboston words by @kellyslater 🙏🙏🙏🙏
  • alessandraambrosio#prayforboston words by @kellyslater 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • mareslindaWe need God in our hearts ♡
  • vandalenka🙏
  • wendyy2912Prayers for Syria as well
  • tmccarthyv@jaimelee622 hahaha it's okay. I don't have the best temper either. And keep working at it! U can do it. I believe in u:))) I kno it's tough but don't give up and don't forget to ask God for strength
  • fahrirasihan:')
  • z.s.wenbest wishes to them
  • delilah.mrYes, absolutely agree
  • yesayadanu+100
  • tinatylerAgreed
  • sofiaticianelli#luto #boston
  • nooriealalousi@gashleyg you are so right. r.i.p to everybody.
  • chrisk.ennedyThanks @alecambrosio
  • bp728@jaimelee622 First off, the golden rule existed long before Christianity. But to the substance of your argument, if believing in god makes you feel like a better person and gives your life direction, then I say go forward. But let's be clear, religious beliefs are the basis for religious zealots; although, they have twisted those beliefs.
  • bp728@jaimelee622 Passion about atheism often stems from the desire to let others know that you can live a moral and good life without religion (contrary to what religion tells us). Thanks for the civil, intellectual conversation. :)
  • tthieleWise words... #prayforboston thanks @alecambrosio @kellyslater
  • nax3271ill say it again .1000000 died in middle east no one nedded wakeup call ,few died in boston now. Humanity needs a wake up call
  • julandrafPassion boston
  • shaebaeleigha23That's really not the point nastex7, people are afraid to leave their homes, go to work ;they have shut down our transportation systems, buisiness are closing up shop early until this bastard ia caught and brought to justice
  • shaebaeleigha23Whether it was Boston, or Russia THIS NEEDS TO STOP!!
  • shaebaeleigha23#people need to feel safe again! Whether it was a massacre or three people were hurt, three is too many, this should have never happened
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