Shopping around la before we leave ✌@jlavalle5
  • snookiShopping around la before we leave ✌@jlavalle5

  • stinah85@braydonlougheed you poor thing. The way that you type portrays you as ignorant. A little punctuation never hurt anyone, either. Have a good day, and stop letting what someone posts to you via social media dampen your mood. ✌
  • annabruunOmg I want that top!! Were its from ?? @snookinic ❤❤❤ btw you Lol amazing!!
  • annabruunLook* not lol 😃
  • x0.n_Cute <3
  • braydonlougheed@stina_riffic punctuation is annoying to the out all the time though and I never do lol. And yea it may but I'm not ignorant in real life so it's all good (way to use the word in the right way not many people do)
  • kmchronSnooki your so beautiful and skinny!! I remember first seeing you on jersey and now i look at you as a fashion role-model
  • janaeannandersonCutee
  • eviexoxoxoI miss the old snooki #justsayin
  • eviexoxoxo@tamana_xoxo I really dont care, I was just sayin
  • eviexoxoxo@sabrina_john yeah ur rite I just miss the old her where it comes to body wise! Now she don't even look like her. I just loved it when she didnt care n buy into the stereotypical type of stars
  • eden1brosovanskyLook so good!!
  • _shelby_raee@snookinic where is your outfit from
  • neni_smalls@snookinic I don't even know if you'll get to read this or not. But I want to say you came a long way. You matured into a beautiful woman/mother your motivation and focused brought you the happiness you've always wanted. You look amazing and your style is so unique. Keep up the work SNOOKS! And work it girl cuz you got it !! 😘😘😘
  • z.gniatkowska@neverbesad, look at this t - shirt. ;D
  • olimpiarafaellaI have this t-shirt ! :)
  • x.kayla_marie.xYour beautiful. Legit, I'm jealous
  • dollface_rg@mrwellsbscj
  • olimpiarafaella@geraldineeeeeeee in top shop
  • sgonzalezz16even though this comment may not get read, unless it possibly caught your attention, I hope it does, you are truly inspirational to me, from watching on jersey shore to seeing all your posts on Instagram. you have lost a tremendous amount of weight & it's motivated me to think that anything is possible. And your attitude has changed so, I bet that could be hard to hold your tongue back but you do it well! I'd be thankful if I got a comment back from you or something. I know you prolly get plenty of comments like these from everyone else. I never tried so hopefully 1st try is a charm! @snookinic @snookinic @snookinic
  • classyeileen__Can you tell me how you lost so much weight? :/ @snookinic
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