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  • emma_magic@rafaelrodrigues so glad you're okay ❤
  • rafaelrodriguesThank you! It's crazy to think about but, I was with Deanna here at the finish line 30 minutes before the explosion! Luckily we left the area and we are okay. @emma_magic It was a beautiful day before all these events. But, I'm glad to be safe and in Cambridge with everyone else at Lesley! I hope they find the suspect or group of people who did this.
  • emma_magic@rafaelrodrigues it's amazing how many people had "close calls" in varying degrees. That's what happens when these horrific things happen so close to home. My dad was supposed to be there today. I was supposed to run that marathon. Lots of people I know were right there just before it happened. I'm terrified to get on a plane tomorrow. This works is a scary place.
  • rafaelrodrigues@emma_magic it really is! Stay safe! Love you!
  • emma_magic@rafaelrodrigues love you too babe ❤ soooo happy you & @deelee14 are safe
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