• micheleslikewoahI'm glad you're okay!! Start safe!!!
  • micheleslikewoahStay*
  • o_annie_oThank you sweetheart!!!! ❤We are safe and will stay here till they advise us to go
  • brayanmessStay safe annie good luck
  • o_annie_oThank you Brayan! @brayanmess
  • o_annie_oThank you, Don!!! That means so much to me, I really appreciate your sweet words! 😊🙏🌟 @robinsond13
  • jenniferinma@o_annie_o were you in the Prudential at the time?
  • o_annie_oYeah I work on the 15th floor. it was a very scary experience @jenniferinma
  • jenniferinma@o_annie_o we were headed for prudential place --- did they tell you to remain on the building? I'm sure you guys could see pretty much everything unfortunately.
  • jenniferinmain*
  • o_annie_o@jenniferinma we felt the two explosions and being in a skyscraper that made us extremely nervous immediately. We looked out the window and saw swarms of thousands of people running away from copley, then we saw the smoke. Then the fire alarm went off and they told us to stay in the building until further instruction. We are a very small office of six ladies, so we just huddled in the conference room and watched the news. They let us out after 6pm. It was the most surreal and numbing experience. I'm glad you are safe. 🙏 Such a sad day.
  • jenniferinma@o_annie_o wow, I am so sorry Annie. I'm sure that was very traumatic. I'm glad you guys are ok. It must be hard not to feel utterly shaken up, not only from just that experience, but the fact that you have to keep revisiting the area.
  • o_annie_o#insta_america
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