@saxmansergioflores left me a present.
  • joejonas@saxmansergioflores left me a present.

  • nadia_cswoooow absurdaaaa hahahah
  • esmeveecPretty glasses
  • valeriapenap_tus lentes
  • melmariacLove the shades I want one haha
  • valeriagzzcHeyyy baby!!! I am talking to you
  • ayelarryhoranSexy.
  • pp1234hannaHottie
  • olyagolub_Кто-нибудь знает, где Джо обрабатывает фотографии?:D
  • mariadrauhlmlk piranha sjkdlskskd to amando essas fotos @marcela_salves
  • the.madnxss@horizonsunglasses
  • daniellelynchforever2234joe will you go on a date with me
  • estherlynn_Joe Will you GO on date With me... Or... Demiiiiii! :( you made me cry
  • gust4vojuniorJoe, I was very disappointed when I learned that you discussed with a fan ... Where is that Joe, lively, playful, he loves the fans?
    Many fans do not accept your dating with Blanda, most fans liked his time with Demi. I know this is a page turning point in her life and in her but, sorry. I preferred the time of Joe Demi, because I could feel your happiness just looking at the brightness of your eyes!
    But we fans want their happiness, whether it is with the Blanda you feel "happy" ok, but do not make a / one fan crying because of his personal relationship ... You ever stop to think, how you ended up leaving YOUR fan upset? - I know you would not do any harm, but that's what ended up happening ... I'm your fan, I am jonatic, I'm sorry if I'm saying things you do not like, but that's the truth!
    Miss, DJ Danger, miss Joe Jonas LA, who was playful and etc ...
    Bye, and but once I'm sorry if I said something you did not like!
    Eternal DJ Danger!
    Signed: Fan
  • _diegope@gerardoariass magia
  • kellybrionesPerfect my lova PERFECT
  • milaycyrusSwag
  • d_brens4243
  • acha156Agree with you @_gustavohenriqu3
  • _.miischii._cool
  • olivia_mmone time my cat left me a present. wasn't swag glasses though 😑 love you @joejonas ❤️❤️
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