coachella, the home game.
  • jason_mrazcoachella, the home game.

  • cheerupxu@jason_mraz I really love you and your songs,I really want to see you in chengdu,but I don't have the ticket.they don't sell it....what would I do to see you
  • ickatejason ~ i drew any portrait sketch for u :-) i hope u can see that:( that"s my wish @jason_mraz
  • hannapuffzYou were in my dream last night. 'twas a great dream 💜 @jason_mraz
  • thebeggarswhogiveEpic-ness.
  • jilliansmillionsThat's just rad
  • melissa_curruthersScary... Made me think of church during childhood for a bit... :/
  • naimanamaste@jason_mraz
    Jason I just love what you do because you are first off not part of that music industry that only care about money.
    You are just here doing your thing and really sharing your thing. When I discovered you it was on the free website and I found that amazing at that time to have free music like yours.

    I feel like People are connected to because you are close to Reality. You are real, honest about you and your feelings that you are sharing with us through your amazing music.
    You are inspiring, passionate, sensitive, simple.
    I wake up with Live High and go to bed with I won't give up. thanks for bringing so much LIFE/LIGHT into my world.

    I love you because you were the soothing voice that helped me when I was going through difficult time alone in my bedroom during my highschool years.
    I love you because of you I decided that I won't give up

    I love you because today I'm living in the moment, living my life, easy and breezy
    I love you because today I got peace in my mind, peace in my heart, peace in my soul .... i could go on like this for awhile but I guess you got it.
    You are an angel and your music is powerful to us.
    That is what I wanted to tell you in that video .... So I hope you will get that message someday :) Naïma.
  • ventixx@jason_mraz I love you...
  • 22patricia22You teach me to love myself and everyone else unconditionally.
  • doulanshawill you come to China?
  • stardust3040i really really love u.. i wont give up~ the woman i love~ mr.curiosity~ love for a child~ omg i love u soooooooo much......
  • mmanyo哇😄
  • janaenaedavidsee u on may 14!!!!!
  • naimanamasteI love you Jason !!!!!! I cant say it enough
  • iansearles3What exactly is this instrument called?
  • janey_ljCreepy
  • luisbreynaI love you jayyyy
  • kingway27love u
  • ligiaa_machadoMedo!🙇
  • bombomoocool!
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