The turn up is real....Owuor "getting ready" 6 hours before we go on #movieawards
  • macklemoreThe turn up is real....Owuor "getting ready" 6 hours before we go on #movieawards

  • jones_star_123HmmmmBBB.aaaaa
  • jones_star_123Looking PO Jojo PO pop im
  • mattkosmalaCHERIOS
  • jt_mausbach_1Drinking on eh... Well that's going to lead to a lot mir
  • roxieandcocoaSo we put our hands up like the ceiling can't hold us!
  • sp00pysam.exeMIRROR haha jk jk
  • ervthehuman@yes10000jess shut up
  • nikkkkkijeanThank you for everything you do Ben. I can't even express the love and respect I have for you. You're so wise, and you ARE THE FUCKING GREATEST, I mean GREATEST story teller of our time. Every song you sing just touches me, or makes me laugh my ass off. Can't go wrong either way. Your depth, and passion amaze me. And your sense of humor just makes it even better. I just hope that I can live up to be half as amazing as you are. You've taught me to stand up and work for what I want. Stay sober bro. I love you and I mean that. You've helped me more than you know.
  • nikkkkkijeanAnd I honestly have a story to tell about a loved one that passed away way too soon, and I'd love to tell you and maybe see of you could turn it into an actual story with the right way of expressing it because I can't find the words. It's an insane story that has to do with a lot of things that you talk about. My loved one deserves it. It's a long shot, I know but gotta try.
  • phatyjYes, totally. @nikkkijean @macklemore
  • miiirxndaIs this the trumpet player?if it isn't please tell me his name omg!!!
  • arley_iscoolOmg that is freAking awesome
  • petti.papiiHaha, play all day
  • petti.papii@macklemore
  • avahornerhi Ben.
  • sarinavillaaI love u @macklemore
  • dreggina_Mariachi ahua
  • ceceluv27O lord
  • azania_panda_rouxSexy Owuor !!
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