One of my favorite places to just...
  • tyrabanksOne of my favorite places to just...

  • chucklovetessThat's a nice view
  • anna_valentina@tyrabanks perfect!!You're beutiful
  • dohertyemilyj😘
  • mixilouLovely as allways
  • its_ashlei_@tyrabanks I really adore you :) I started my modeling career because of you and your random fb posts about us going after what we really want in our lives and live out our dreams . I love you Tyra I hope to one day be as successful as you and meet you too ;) sorry for the long paragraph , I'm pretty sure you get a lot of these throughout the day and probably don't have a chance to read them. Hopefully one day you will get around to my IG and notice me :)) love you lots ! - Ashlei Lewis aka the girl who has what it takes !
  • vialivianyI like Tyra <3
  • sally.ehuMy favourite place is when i am with you😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  • m_metlockWoooow ,perfect
  • i.am_jah@sophiatrainaa & where is this place???
  • ngdinh93This one is so nice
  • flitifiwaweNicee photo!! : )
  • vic.avendanoBeautiful place
  • halfmilemartyDo I have what it takes?
  • torrence.caseyWatching the lake
  • debcekeLooks beautiful with u in it
  • chilly_a_leoNice
  • zoob_zbLove it ! Absolutely love it the scenery and you :) love it <3
  • gorganisLove
  • kyrafromstatefarmOmg I live there!!!!! Come visit me! Lmfaooooo jk
  • aizt_Love this. . ♡♡♡
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