I didn't do the butterflies. Thanks Pam.
  • dansmithismI didn't do the butterflies. Thanks Pam.

  • yousproutedrosesundermyribcageif she wanted the butterflies, she wanted the butterflies. phenomenal job as always, Dan! :)
  • sirclarkkSome tattoos aren't meant to be covered. Good stuff man
  • lizwithgrenadesDang, respect to her tho. Got a foot tatto last night hurt so baaaad.
  • joneseyeview@dansmithism I am saving all of my money so I can have my first tattoo done by you. I love your work!
  • chef1tomPortsmouth? @dansmithism
  • barryx3Apart from the butterflies I'd love this on my foot!
  • addiee80Beatiful contrast ... :)
  • xkhxThe butterflies look glittery... Is that you work around them or was that there before too?
  • cherryreds89The butterflies were kept because they are symbolic to my sister in law for her nan otherwise she would of had them covered. Amazing @dansmithism thankyou so much for Judy :-)
  • vaillifter✨✨✨ how do u get sparkles!!!!!!??? Love it
  • wildcattHaha people commenting on "the sparkly" tattoo... Sparkle and tattoo should never be in the same sentence.
  • caligyrl1SPARKLE AND TATTOO!!!!
  • jaydischord@ehrenwait shut up, read before you comment. Clown.
  • inkedchic_liftsSome people are wankers. I love it with the butterflies. Its unique. X
  • cherry_sundaetattoosSuch a beautiful rose
  • mataz44Beautiful work Dan.
  • popz86Pitty they didn't want the butterfly's covered... Clip-Art butterfly's! Gorgeous rose all the same : )
  • claudianorgaardWhy wouldn't she cover up the butterflies??? 😱
  • pammypozThey are a memory of someone for me. They mean a lot to me. If they didn't then I would have covered them up. Thank u for the lovely comments on here…
  • miss_charley_mayBeautiful rose 🌹
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