It's Rivalry Night at the ACC #TMLtalk #Leafs
  • mapleleafsIt's Rivalry Night at the ACC #TMLtalk #Leafs

  • c0re7Yea I understand why you guys are soo happy it's like winnig the lotto when you beat the habs
  • ksjshsbanwnmrNO it's not they beat them most of the time...See you in the playoffs .GO LEAFS GO
  • arjun.d5Go leafs go.....5-1
  • andreamaterka85This game is done! LEAFS!
  • canadiens_24Ok I'm a Habs fan, but I have to Admit, the leafs are really good this year. So is Montreal. But the leafs always smoke MTL. And I dont like making excuses because I'm always fair about games and stuff, but Carey Price was absolutely awful. It would be a lot closer game if it wasn't for him. But you guys won fair and Square, so congrats.
  • andreamaterka85@ayyoub_ let him talk...wait chirp :) he's jealous!
  • willjosephson1Nice win eh!
  • itshewlett@c0re7 price has played hockey for how long? Every goalie wears their new equipment in many practices before using them in game. No excuse for his awful performance. The announcers aren't always right. Take your loss fair and square.
  • andreamaterka85@itshewlett thank you! Why are they blaming his equipment? It's called jealousy! Price is a good goalie I can't say he isn't but he just wasn't on his game tonight!
  • canadiens_24@andreamaterka85 I'm a canadiens fan and I totally agree with you. Price Would know what equipment would be better to wear. If he knew the new pads didnt feel right and would affect how he plays, he wouldn't have worn them. He just had a bad night.
  • andreamaterka85@canadiens_24 Exactly! I don't see why people have to hate on each other! Cheer for your team and that's all that matters! I know Price is amazing and when he leaves that ice I doubt he cares what haters think. Hope to see you in the playoffs! I'd rather the habs win the cup vs an American team anyday but I BELEAF!
  • ryanscrawfordLeafs vs Canadians in the first round.... M check perfect
  • ryanscrawfordMuch prefer that over Boston.... #goleafsgo #lovethisteam
  • ryanscrawfordHave went from last in the east to second.. They deserve a lot of respect... Good on the leafs for getting the 2 points... Let's see what the playoffs bring
  • lukee.1212Go leafs
  • canadiens_24@andreamaterka85 exactly. I never say the leafs suck because they are actually good this year, but I just don't like them. There is no reason for people to say the Habs suck either. Just because of the 2 games they lost by a lot to the leafs doesn't mean they are bad. They are second in the eastern conference. They have already clinched a playof spot. And there the only Canadian team to do so. I would understand if people say that they hate Montreal. But don't say that they suck.
  • davistimes3Im not a loser leaf or hab fan
  • lukebuckler@becca_styles14 if you're so smart what other canadian team has clinched a playoff spot then?
  • lukebuckler@becca_styles14 you*
  • becca.boucher@canadiens_24 delete the comments. I did
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