I just wanna thank God for all he has done for me. #earlyvacationletsgo
  • _stak5_I just wanna thank God for all he has done for me. #earlyvacationletsgo

  • kboogie78@stak5ots sad day. Love you, man. Forever a Spurs player to a lot of us San Antonians..
  • nancyblase@stak5ots I'm a huge spurs fan, you will be missed! Best of luck to you! I was and will continue to be a fan 👍
  • carolina_slimm@stak5ots you can't expect people to understand when they can't relate to the work you've put in. Stay positive and confident like you always do. Holla at ya boi.
  • yesitslandonDumbest move by the spurs ever!
  • crystal_lynnetxBig loss to the spurs. You brought the toughness & rawness to the team. Unbelievable
  • joshuan3Sign with the thunder !
  • miaandnoahDamn.... Pisses me off
  • l0new0lf88@stak5ots I don't know why... Just stay up pimp you still my favorite spur #clutch #livinglegend #wholenuthalevel #rapgamestevejackson
  • exercise_mattBig Spurs here here. Have much love and respect for you Jack. You were great for the team and hit many big shots. Definitely will miss you in the Silver and Black. Good luck to you.
  • siemprebienpilas@stak5ots #god #bless you bruh , god has a bigger plan for you , you were genuinely the most real person on that ball club , peace
  • rodneyl44Good job Stak 5
  • cokeygogeti#PA shit we know what it is jack
  • markkee_We really need you for the playoffs captain jack. Wish you luck on yiur future
  • pandayunlangood luck
  • pridefulmuchPride is the reason lucifer was cast out of heaven
  • chinoxantonioWe need you back Captain! #SpursNation
  • jayhova703God is awesome he said vengeance is mines said The Lord your injustice God knows and watch and see how He works it out. I couldn't believe what I heard from your old coach who says stuff like that any way pray for him and his family and move on.
  • bament@stak5ots #LetsWork
  • katechainzJack :( don't disappear on us now, you're always wanted here in SA!! I'll miss everything you brought to the team, especially your fire and how you brought them all closer together. The bond was noticeable once you got there. Thank you for all you've done. 👏💚
  • _tabs_xo@stak5ots Sad and Disappointed in Pop! Ur still the Trillest Spur EVER! Thanks for your contribution to the spurs and the community! That 210 Loves you!! Btw #NoOneBetterThanStakJack
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