The usual epic genius from @slavin_fpo.
  • mattlockeThe usual epic genius from @slavin_fpo.

  • technogogglesEverything? The 9-5 is still going pretty strong... and Football and ...
  • tobybarnes@technogoggles never had sport and the job doesn't work like that any more.
  • mattlocke@technogoggles @tobybarnes the next side said we need to make games that resynchronise us.
  • tobybarnes@technogoggles and that's where I disagree with Kevin. Both in the role of games and the need for sychromisty. One if the few disagreements. Send my love btw if you see him.
  • technogoggles@mattlocke we synchronise through a variety of different networks (x factor to game centre leaderboards to shared Instagram comments). Why did he say we need more of this synchronising? @tobybarnes you've always been an anomaly ;)
  • tobybarnes@technogoggles this is one of those rare moments I would disagree with Kevin - both in terms of the purpose of games and the need for more sychnronisticy.
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