In honor of his re-signing yesterday, a #FlashbackFriday photo of Kent State QB Julian Edelman
  • patriotsIn honor of his re-signing yesterday, a #FlashbackFriday photo of Kent State QB Julian Edelman

  • haha have you ever seen him play?
  • mdussault77@keisharector has anyone? He's always hurt
  • if you don't notice the potential he has as a WR, Then i don't really know what to tell you. Sure he's had some injuries, but he's also not been given a lot of playing time. He's fully healed from his last injury. Here's to hoping he gets more playing time and stays injury free this season. But to say that he "sucks" is just silly, unless you're a patriot hater, then that explains a lot.
  • mdussault77@keisharector I love the patriots, he's just very over rated, he will always be the 4th or 5th option at WR.
  • agh!!!!! I disagree with you in so many ways haha.
  • keisha.was.hereI think he's very under rated! @mjduece77
  • mdussault77@keisharector well I agree with Bill and the Patriots... Not sure why thy sign another slot guy when they have this great guy already there... He's a punt returner and will get 7-9 offensive play a game. That's it. And if we get Austin he will never get the ball
  • Edelman can play so many different positions though. He's also very quick thinker and a great competitor. With so many new WR's it's nice that julian (who's been with the pats for 4 years) will be familiar with the offence. I could this season being Edelman's and Hoomanwanui's break out year!
  • mdussault77@keisharector hoomanwanui? The 4th TE when we are healthy? Your silly
  • how is that silly? Especially with meat head and Hernandez being hurt (ugghhhh) Hoomanwanui could excel if he got the more playing time he deserves. I was so sad (seriously) when he would make amazing plays at important times through the 3 games he played last season (literally) and then he wouldn't get any more playing time. He's young so he still has time to get better.
  • mdussault77@keisharector jake Ballard
  • what?! The kid who's getting over a torn ACL yeah, that should be interesting.
  • keisha.was.hereAnd a serious knee injury? @mjduece77
  • aka_tarzan#11 is my football DB coach!!!!! @teamjacquem
  • itssimoneeeeWowwwww .. I never been on a famous person page before !! Omg it would be a honor to meet u!!! :D
  • kyara_martinez_@vivaladarian ..... #sexy
  • darianpezik@kyara_martinez_ FUCK YOU HES MINE
  • patriots_011Go Edelman your myf
  • patriots_011Favorite player
  • hacked_101ballsWow
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