I ain't trippin at all. No worries. Don't worry about what u can't control. Breathe easy.
  • _stak5_I ain't trippin at all. No worries. Don't worry about what u can't control. Breathe easy.

  • pejelu@jervs3 lol
  • jaygarcia210@stak5ots spurs aint xoin it with out u homie sucks to u were my favorite on the team
  • joakings_worldYo! Are free to sign with any team now? Can u be in a playoff roster?
  • mafia_charlesOh I'm sorry bro bout the news they are idiots and don't know how to work their roster @stak5ots
  • jervs3Damm I just heard the news heart broken wonder what hapened
  • joakings_worldwow! Damn! that's some BS! I hate to this things. @lydiacev thanks for the info. 😉
  • jjrod05Bad move spurs!
  • nickbalkaniann@stak5ots that's some bs, u did work last year in the playoffs, its ok tgough cause atleast now u can really show ur talents on another team, keep ur head up
  • tx_yankee@stak5ots gonna miss you 'Captain Jack' I love my #spurs but this was a bad move :(
  • jervs3No I understand what he wrote on the picture wow should've seen it coming </3
  • renatarokks@jessspursfan 😘😘😘 beautiful!! Thank you
  • bball_child@stak5ots I still have great respect for you!! Thanks for being trill all day everyday. I already miss you :(
  • justsimplyjessicaYou're welcome(: I truly meant everything! @renatarokks
  • tabishjesrai@stak5ots sucks that they released you so late...had they released you before March 1st, the Lakers surely could have signed you since they're playing Kobe 48 minutes a game right now!!! Hopefully they sign you this summer! Stay up.
  • hernandez1984Crazy move for the team to make ..definitely disappointed, this was your time to shine so close to the playoffs ...still shaking my head, keep your head up and the rest will follow @stak5ots
  • salutesteph915Gonna miss my favorite!
  • cain_livealilRns!
  • daniaal@stak5ots wish you were still playing for SA!
  • gladiator_truck63Man that what I need
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