The corridors of Jerusalem's old Leper House, now being renovated into a Media & Tech Center #architecture #renovation #archdaily #jerusalem #israel #instagood #iphonesia
  • archdailyThe corridors of Jerusalem's old Leper House, now being renovated into a Media & Tech Center #architecture #renovation #archdaily #jerusalem #israel #instagood #iphonesia

  • jraudette25@nnafe considering the accuracy of it and the history of Israel yeah pretty sure it's a reliable collection of historical documents that lay out the history of that land no other text does that. I will explain nothing more considering the bible it stands for itself.
  • jraudette25And of course you can find other lands in the bible as well empires etc research something why don't you
  • nnafe@jraudettetuh man get out of the bubble u people live in! I understand u wanted a country and palestine was the solution since u have a mythical story that supports that.. but don't try to prove it logically nor scientifically.. if the bible says some Europeans and Africans should come to a country where some people lived peacefully and take it over, then damn such a bible...don't justify racism and segregation by saying that a holy book states that..
  • jraudette25@nnafe wow you have absolutely no idea what your talking about....prove it logically? Scientifically? How do you prove historical events scientifically? And how can you say you can't prove the bible logically lol wow you people actually borrow from logic to argue these things but forget key points, lets stop here because I'm not going to debate you on this when you don't even deserve this conversation.
  • jraudette25Oh and there is no racism last time I checked everyone is against Israel so if anyone should be stating racism it's Iran, Palestine, an all those who openly say they want Israel wiped off the face of the earth, hmmm wow don't you think that's ironic?
  • juancasillasOne Earth, one love... Imagine no religion... This is about architecture!
  • nnafe@jraudettetuh Israel is the state that built the segregation wall. Israel is the state that is stealing Palestinian lands from the west bank everyday.. Israel isn't satisfied with the land they have, but building settlements everyday! Israel is a racist state against it's population of arab origin, where they don't get the same support and care Israeli Jews get.. I am not saying Israel should be wiped. I am saying that israel doesn't recogniZe the basic right of the Palestinian people to have a state. correct me if am wrong in anything I said.
  • archdaily@juancasillas 👍👍👍
  • shany_d_f@nnafe have you ever been in israel? Do you know that palestinian people at 1948 did not agree to what they were being offering?? You think they are right but you probably never been in a booming attack or anything like that. You don't fully understand the conflict.
  • jraudette25@nnafe before Israel became a nation again, who was occupying that land? What was that land like? Wasn't it a wasteland dry and nothing growing? All of a sudden since Israel became a nation the Palestinians are saying there stealing land and so on when they weren't even occupying any of that land they were in Jordan etc etc. check this out----->
  • nnafe@jraudettetuh @shanyshanyshanyshanyshanyshany first please read history before talking! Palestine was a mandate under the British rule and had cities and villages and people living normally! Haifa had the most active port in the region and Jerusalem was the capital...palestinians moved to Jordan after 1948 because they were forced to by the zionists..
  • nnafeand of course they won't accept what they were offered in 1948 because noone accepts to give his homeland to a European foreigner just because that Europeans religion says that he should have a home here!
  • nnafeagain am not saying Israel should be wiped off.. I was there last week and I have been all around the country.. I am for peace, but it seems that Israel is not.. Israel isnt acknowledging a sovereign country for the palestinians over the lands of 1967.. and Israel occupies more and more Palestinian lands and builds more illegal settlements in jerusalem and the rest of the west bank! Israel is an oppressive occupying country, and it's the role of the Israeli youth to promote peace and fight for it!
  • jraudette251. Israel Rule (Biblical period) 1350 BC to 586 BC
    2. Babylonian Conquest 587 BC to 538 BC
    3. Israel Autonomy (under Persian & Greco-Assyrian sovereignty) 538 BC to 168 BC
    4. Revolt of the Maccabees 168 BC to 143 BC
    5. Rule of the Hashmoneans & their successors 143 BC to 70 AD
    6. Jewish Autonomy (under Roman & Byzantine sovereignty) 70 AD to 637 AD
    7. Rule of Moslem Caliphs
    Mecca 637 AD to 661 AD
    Umayyides 661 AD to 750 AD
    Abbaaside 750 AD to 870 AD
    Fatimides 969 AD to 1071 AD 637 AD to 1072 AD
    8. Seljukes Rule 1072 AD to 1096 AD
    9. Crusaders
    Ayyubids (in parts only) 1175 AD to 1291 AD 1099 AD to 1291 AD
    10. Mamelukes Rule 1291 AD to 1516 AD
    11. Ottomans (Turks) 1516 AD to 1918 AD
    12. British Mandate 1918 AD to 1948 AD
    13. Israel rule under democracy 1948 AD --- .
  • nnafeSo u didn't answer what i said before and you are copying me some prozionist text to state the fact that Jews have the right to rule the country and oppress the Arabs living there because 1400 years ago they ruled Palestine.. you have to understand that judaism is a religion with followers from africa, Iran, europe etc.. they are not an ethnic group... even if they were, Arabs ruled spain for 800 years, do they have the right to go take it and state that it's theirs?! @jraudettetuh
  • redredchilli@jraudettetuh so i guess that based on your solidly founded logic you should concur that some people were right to kick you out of Europe, and that they were right to do it in whatever way they saw fit.
  • jraudette25By 1000 BCE, the Israelite kingdom, also known as the United Monarchy under David and Solomon, reached its greatest extent (1004-928 BCE). Solomon's Temple, also known as the First Temple, was, according to the Torah and the Bible, the first Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. It functioned as both a religious site and a focal point of worship, and it was completed in the 10th century BCE. Grievously, as is often in the case throughout history, successors to great leaders lack the vision of their forefathers. Such was the case of Rehoboam, Solomon's son, ascending to the throne in 930 BCE. Due to Rehoboam's harsh administration of the northern tribes and preferential treatment of his own, following Solomon's death, civil war between Judea and Samaria broke out. The united monarchy split apart, with Jerusalem becoming part of the southern kingdom of Judea and ten tribes in the north constituting the northern region, Samaria. This proved disastrous for the Jewish people, as a succession of invasions spanning millennia soon befell the once-United Kingdom.
  • jraudette25The northern region, Samaria, became known as Israel. It continued to exist as an independent kingdom until its conquest in 722 BCE by the Assyrians. Judah remained independent until 586 BCE, when this region -- containing Jerusalem, deemed the capital of the Jewish people by Solomon's father, King David -- was razed by the Babylonians under the kingship of Nebuchadnezzar. Following the conquest by the Babylonians, tens of thousands of Jews were deported to Babylonia, where they remained until freed and allowed to return thanks to the largess of Cyrus the Great. Reinvigorated by their return to Jerusalem, the Jews began to reconstruct the Second Temple, which was completed in 516 BCE. Despite incessant propaganda by the Palestinians, Muslim Arabs, and their leftist supporters, it is important to recognize that the United Kingdom comprised two separate Jewish entities: Judea in the south, and Samaria in the northern hills. Only after thousands of years was this area west of the Jordan River renamed the West Bank by the Jordanians following their illegal occupation subsequent to Israel's War of Independence in 1948.
  • jraudette25As mentioned, the Second Temple was built in 516 BCE only to be destroyed in 66 CE by yet another invader, the Romans. It was carried out by their procurator, Florius, in response to a Jewish revolt against bitter treatment. Since the sacking the Second Temple, the Western Wall, the last vestige of this holy shrine, stands on the spot where it was built in East Jerusalem. Jerusalem remains the most holy site in the most holy city of the Jewish religion, venerated by Jews throughout the world, and is mentioned no fewer than 825 times in the Jewish liturgy. Other than Muhammad's alleged ascension to heaven from that city in a dream, there is no other mention of it in the Qur'an. Yet despite overwhelming historical credence, Israel's sworn enemies (Mahmoud Abbas chief among them), falsely espouse that they cannot understand Jewish claims to this land. As Roman oppression reached a boiling point 66 years following the sacking of the Second Temple, the Romans once again were faced with a Jewish rebellion. This one was massively repressed in 132 CE, resulting in the slaughter of 600,000 Jews. As further punishment, the Romans sought to blot out Jewish connection to this land (sound familiar?) by renaming it after what was up to then Israel's worst enemy: "Philistia." The name became bastardized, and hence the entire area became known as Syria Palaestina, the egregious locution ascribed to this Jewish land in modern times. Just this past week, a rabble group from the "Occupy Boston" ensemble began divisively referring to Israel as Palaestina during their illegal trespass of the Israeli Consulate.
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