@djofficialdj says Lebron is the greatest.
  • lecrae@djofficialdj says Lebron is the greatest.

  • willll_da_beastHow many rings does Bill Russel have? Yea dats wat I tot
  • dylham44Hahahahaha @willllscherer
  • anthony_lanaganYeah 4 of the last 5 years he's been mvp, that's awful.
  • jakecowan1122He is @lecrae
  • jackhannan02MJ best all time. Current season 1.kd=kobe 3.lebron definately
  • coleslaw1224Love your music can't wait to see you at life I'm so excited live life unashamed my Freind comment back I would love that or if we could talk at life that would be amazing represent
  • vivayourdreams@lecrae check out artist globetradda song named " LOVE"... Lyrics and beats are perfect;))
  • rcastro6@lecrae my eight year old son would agree! He even shoots his free throws the same as LeBron! The hubs and I have always been bulls fans though!
  • rjd0@kingjames is the best right now. He has the most talent of any NBA player in NBA history. He's the real deal.
  • rjd0@lecrae
  • iamquixoticYou didn't see Reggie Miller run off to another team. MJ all day. D Rose is still a humble beast tho. Respect.1
  • iminstagramfameusLebron is the beginning of a new ers of player , think MJ saying I'm not wearing these lil shorts no more and I want my shoe to have my own logo ... That is now Lebron in todays NBA ... He is just to big and talented ... He is that kid in the rec league u asked for his birth certificate twice Haaahaaa
  • avaaavelaaaCOME TO VEGAS/SAINT CITY PLEASE???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!
  • jetventuressLol!!! @apmechanic @dalaw738
  • smithskinndeeppMJ is the dream player of past
  • smithskinndeeppMJ gets much much respect
  • mikeyymike3All time? #Negative Kobe is #black #mamba
  • vouge_paraxdiseLol
  • mumsymiaHilarious!!!!!
  • raftech26lol. lebron travels too much and nba rules have changed.... you cannot compare the two....
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