Corny a gone crazy!!!
  • shanedawsonCorny a gone crazy!!!

  • epicrigby4Quick your dog is having a seizure
  • mommabuggHow else could she be living with you!
  • _jemmajoyceLol!!
  • ross_r5@christopher_xo shut up bitch. He is amazing along with corny.
  • k.ayla.xocorny looks like he's having a seizure....
  • reecemck1WTF corny r u ok bdjsbsjsqioevs ps BooBs
  • tufflove13Hey @against_the_average corny is a girl
  • x.donnamarie.x LOL 
  • nikkibrotterHi Shane. I just chose this picture to comment on. Lol. So here we go... I love you SOOO much and I know I'm just another fan to you. But to me your literally my life. I watch ur videos everyday and almost every conversation I have your name comes up. You are absolutely hilarious and nice and honest. You are open and u seem like someone that goes out of their way to make others smile. U seem like a great son, brother, boyfriend, friend, and AN AMAZING YOUTUBER!!!! I know your busy making videos and living your life. But If you can just take 2 minutes to respond that would mean more then the world to me!!! I love you soooo much
  • nikkibrotterXoxo, me nikki💕😘💕😘😏😋😊😍
  • nikkibrotterAnd btw I bought all of ur songs😏😉
  • alomejorandreai love you shane <3 <3
  • lupita069This pic looks like a porn scene (*.~)
  • mrvillasenor1990Where's the pee soup??? I hope I spelled that right
  • weirdoarmyThe adventures of... seizure dog!
  • detp_Do another dare the Dawson video!!
  • shadinalgari@ners_alg
  • taralieschkeIs it weird that I think that corny looks like a chicken in this photo?
  • justinmanuel10she's a chicken
  • nina_fresa_Jjjjj
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