Light and mass at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher #Jerusalem #Architecture  #israel #archdaily #church #instagood #light #iphonesia
  • archdailyLight and mass at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher #Jerusalem #Architecture #israel #archdaily #church #instagood #light #iphonesia

  • xiaooxxiao神!
  • lotushhi want to go there to see it!!
  • lotushhi want to go there to see it!!
  • salmo_albatalOur church located in #palestine .. Btw !!!!
  • hudashaath#فلسطين #القدس
  • hudashaath#palestine #jerusalem
  • annie_balitski@salmoalbatal btw there is no such a thing yet- palestine @archdaily
  • salmo_albatalDear @annie_balitski read history well and figure out ... And don't call archdaily as a child...
  • hananpomagrin@salmoalbatal palastine is an area called by the roman empire after the dispersal of the jews from their country, after that the arabs living in this area resented that name and it was referred mainly to the jews living in this area, Palestine was never a country and never a nation, the arabs cannot even pronounce" p " so its mot logical they will call themselves a name they cant pronounce, any more history we have to read?
  • annie_balitski@hananpomagrin @salmoalbatal 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
  • salmo_albatalIt is more logical to know that we spell #Palestine with "F" not with "P" 😉 😘 i don't care about what u r talking about and i don't hate jews & am not talking about them... in syria we been living together with love and happiness for years 'muslim jews & christian ' until Israeli dream comes and destroy our community ...& force the jews leaves their country syria ... Ask any syrian jew about that !!! ☺ And for u my child @annie_balitski go play some where else ...😉
  • muewanchisaOMG!!
  • hananpomagrin@salmoalbatal yes but the original word is with a p so you didn't really answer, i never mentioned the word hate, why is it part of your vocabulary? The muslims lived good with the jews when they were in control but they could never get used to it when it was the other way round, i have no idea what you are talking about israel destroying your community, why is that? I have another question for you this place stood barren for 2000 years without an owner, did you ever wonder why no one claimed it as their own? Why did the arabs wait for the jews to come back to suddenly remember its theirs? They had so much time before
  • annie_balitski@salmoalbatal listen honey! I have so much personal to say about you already while reading your miserable comments to me and about me! Fortunately I'm so beyond it! You just make me laugh! An advice from me- do me a favor, don't judge ladies so fast, essp. when they are older and even wiser than you! It will help you once sweaty! 😘
  • naordaniiHaha, I have the same picture on my profile! Check it out ^__^
  • naghamewaiwi@ayahbechara I think u should comment about the comments hahah
  • naghamewaiwi#palestine *** @salmo_albatal
  • naghamewaiwi@nyounis
  • ayahbechara@ebfruehling provocative and shallow? That's you criticising "palestine" and palestinians for what they believe which in fact is true!! Whats provocative and shallow are people who dont look outside the box and dont acknowledge what is right and what isnt regarding this matter Palestine is called Palestine because it is every palestinian's right to call their country their own which also in fact was taken away by Israel because they see they have a right and that its their country!! On the contrary though, they never did have a country of their own and dirty politics led them to invade and take palestine!! Thats basic human rights so please when u accuse someone of being shallow and provocative go and dig up some worthy information other than the false Media you listen to and believe it !
  • ebfruehling@ayahbechara wow you changed my life. I feel like you know me. I'll just go and watch some false information on TV. Your approach will surly change many opinions. Please continue anal-yzing.
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