• jamesfrancotvX

  • adrianaijaramilloit is impossible not to see your photos , you are so cute and so unique ! God watch over you , one of my big dreams is to know but maybe that is impossible or impossible read this also haha a Kiss!
  • kristenlovesgraysonFuck yes your shirt ✌️💨🍁💋 @jamesfrancotv
  • ciao_daisy😿
  • angemolinari💚💚💚⭐️⭐️
  • la.silsMay I wear your shirt? ;)
  • cobainswife_♥ your shirt
  • sooosammmyHi James! So I know you're really busy but my little sister adores you (more like in love with you) starting way back from never been kissed. But anyways she is about I graduate from menlo college...in Palo Alto where you grew up an she hoped one day she might randomly meet you lol but hasn't happened so I was wondering if you possibly could make a quick short video saying something like congrats Jessica on grad at menlo college. (She got a softball and academic scholarship) and send it to my email samanthasoliai@yahoo.com or if there is any other way you prefer. Sorry for the essay but even if you don't do this we will continue to love and support you and your career. Thank you! 💛💙
  • eemmeeddeeR i c o
  • msfranco_All these selfies omg
  • msfranco_💘
  • kimberlydenisecruzYour so dreamy!
  • sasathompsonWhy do people tag you as if you don't get the notification I'll never understand that! Like if u have insta u know that you get the notif but wateva James I love u
  • rachellehcarlehcarCan I have that shirt?
  • bowester
  • brown_johnnyFaded
  • sydcoleeI fucking love you james
  • leapbaby29Nice shirt
  • alexatrejoYou make me cry 😭😭😭
  • araya_mcdonald@jamesfrancotv why r you wearing eye shadow to bed? Lol😍😍😍
  • omerzoref@jamesfrancotv hey james, i know that you don't give a shit about this comment and doesn't care about me but you must know that you are the best player in the world and I've seen every movie of you! And fuck kim Jong on the motherfucker fatty dushbag you r the best james franco
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