A walk around our neighborhood looks like this.  Egypt, China, Europe. #ilovehollywood #datenite
  • thekatvondA walk around our neighborhood looks like this. Egypt, China, Europe. #ilovehollywood #datenite

  • misstenfohI 💙 LA!
  • yadi_cjWe were just there 2 weeks ago!!! I love LA!
  • jackjonesthoRight next to the loews hotel
  • theallisonsharpeMy boyfriend just met you guys there :-) We adore you both!
  • beatleeeeeI love the fact that this woman began from nothing and got to this, for this admire her, a her art was from her art work when she was a kid, grew up withing the yrs, u can see the progress and I'm stoked for her Cuz she was a nobody, and now she's fucking famous for what??, not her show la ink like mostly everyone recognized her from but her her art n tattoos. @thekatvond
  • jesgracey@beatleee your statement is just pure truth. @thekatvond
  • kane_911Kat , plz visit Ville valo in the hospital , I'm not in the us , wish I was there.... Plz try to visit him and tell us he's okay.. Thank u..
  • ldgerald26Well the first photo looks more mesopotamic than egiptian but yeah!!! lml >_< lml
  • liannem91Waow
  • lo_olifey did i not see you :(
  • gzb.lana.hwangLoews Hollywood Hotel!! I was there ♥
  • elliemanionI was at the top one like a month ago <3 I missed you
  • lajuicylechugaI recognize that white elephant :)
  • thesirensaredreamingI was at Loews Hollywood Hotel❤ I also went to High Voltage and met Adrienne, but you weren't there):
  • vickykilljoyWow
  • travispaulmusicI wanted to find Joel so bad! I'm his biggest fan! Know all His music!
  • pakfan1Hey Hollywood. I miss it when I see pics
  • paosoriAll kind of cultures
  • amazingladieI ran into her that night on Hollywood Blvd it was awesome I even got a pic.
  • _death_by_glitter_The elephant brings back memories..love Hollywood..miss it so much! @thekatvond Thank you for the pic...good times!
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