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  • paolagtis a library?📚 @elsamarygm
  • paolagtyou are a librero
  • paolagt😘
  • elsamarygmWhy did you steal my books???? They were at my house!!!!!! @paolagt
  • eden5589Seriously your a big time movie star and you don't have bookshelves..
  • kathmassier😻😻😻😻😻😻
  • caarooliinaa89👌
  • amyy__michelleYour so smart and handsome I'm so in love with youuu!!!! @jamesfrancotv @jamesfrancotv
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  • kissesfrombritneyShare?... Now all you need is a bookshelf, cleanliness is next to godliness :)
  • dariastreetlightLovely :)
  • laracheshireSighs, and walks away... @ilikeyoucuzurlikable
  • stacyy_nicoleYou have a beautiful mind. 👌 We need more people like you
  • dramasheep有钱人啊!
  • vivisneijderTheodor Adorno? Really?!?! Damn! @jamesfrancotv really knows what rocks
  • kelleyforrestBeyond four miles of meadow;
    And after woman's love is silent,
    Saying no more: "I will save you."
    And after the faces of friends and kindred
    Become as faded photographs, pitifully silent,
    Sad for the look which means: "We cannot help you."
    And after you no longer reproach mankind
    With being in league against your soul's uplifted hands --
    Themselves compelled at midnight and at noon
    To watch with steadfast eye their destinies;
    After you have these understandings, think of me
    And of my path, who walked therein and knew
    That neither man nor woman, neither toil,
    Nor duty, gold nor power
    Can ease the longing of the soul,
    The loneliness of the soul!
  • zariahxWow it's a little bit of Heaven in a photo. @jamesfrancotv follow me please. Did you read all these books 👌💗 #jamesfranco
  • deeallisonPleeeease follow me!! <3
  • simoty_@jamesfrancotv wonder if ,after reading a book ,you are jelous of the book itself ,Wanna keep it in store ......most ppl are (many friends of mine ) I'm not ,I'm happy when I lend my books to others ,or even give them away ;I am a book sharing supporter ...I Only write down some phrases or chapters that touched my soul , on a note book .that one ,yes,I'm very jelous of !📚💚
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