Sent this text 2 my hubbie last night. Sad that this kind of thing can still happen in 2013. SMH
  • iamlisapriceSent this text 2 my hubbie last night. Sad that this kind of thing can still happen in 2013. SMH

  • kurlymommyA shame
  • alishiagWow....smh!!!
  • camaraauniqueNot knowing that you the owner of the mansion shutting ish down politely!! Smfh I had some one tell me last year at work when I wore my Afro, as joke I have "slave Hair" and I look like Aunt Jemimah.... And that person still worked with me at MAC
  • kinksnkoils93It's really sad!!!
  • silkywrapsWas he drunk? IJS No excuse but just trying to figure how dumb you have to be to mistake a guest for an employee simply because they are a minority? I think it was a deliberate dig. Classless and "ignant"
  • islandviviWhat the *expletive* smdh, it'll never end.
  • joannasimkinThat's crazy Lisa. SMH.
  • iamlisaprice@silkywraps He may have been. I refused 2 turn around and even acknowledge him. I did let hotel management know about it. Even if I had been one of the staff, he was still rude 2 yell out, "Hey maid." But, I was wearing a maxi dress and carrying a beach bag that they give to guests and had my shade on. What kind of maid is that? The possibility of him being intoxicated made it slightly bearable but sometimes alcohol just brings out an underlying issue.
  • iamlisaprice@auniquebeauty Wow!
  • iamlisaprice@tamaranycc I left it 2 hotel management. This gentleman did not know that I was the guest of the GM.
  • camaraauniqueYes Lisa another reason why I'm focusing on my freelance career and left
  • iamlisaprice@kurleebelle Exactly what I told the hotel.
  • iamlisaprice@lone_natural That is the problem right there. None of us should ever judge a book by its cover. You never know 2 whom u r speaking and u never know what someone's story may be.
  • tamaranyccWould have been classic to turn around and ask him his name and the room number he would like tended to then have him thrown off of the property immediately after reporting exactly who he is to GM. He doesn't deserve to be comfortable. (May sound bitter but this urks me).
  • lone_natural@ladybuttahfly precisely and well put! Well, for one persons ignorance u have a WHOLE group of people who know who u are and you're AWESOMENESS!!!
  • eveyvetteWow! So sad and if only he knew who he was speaking to!!!
  • xoalishajohnson@ladybuttahfly that's horrible. And sad.
  • honeyl3Wow
  • atiya_da_bushbabyHe needed to know who you are. And he needed to be checked. Trust me I would have let him have it and I am fairly mild mannered but this boils my grits forreal! So sorry you had to deal with that! @ladybuttahfly
  • patakins7@ladybuttahfly You're better than me! I would've had to check him!
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