Thank you firefighters for your amazing work.
  • theellenshowThank you firefighters for your amazing work.

  • mycatzuzuThe wildfires make amazing pictures but would rather people and their homes and belongings were safe than be able to view these amazing pictures. Safety to all!!
  • liiinndzThank God that the fire was put out immediately :) Stay safe Ellen and Portia :* ♥♥♥
  • cheryl_ellerWow I'm glad you are OK. I know your guardian angels were there with you. Peace and love to all:-)
  • awall923@theellenshow we are all thankful to the firefighters that fought this intense fire! I drove past it while it was a tiny brush fire off the freeway, then it just erupted! It was scary. Thankful they were able to protect all our homes and the college that my brothers and I attended.
  • c_a_t_i_3Just keep swimming🐠🐟🐬
  • c_a_t_i_3🐳I. Speak. Whale 🐳
  • brieebondI love you Ellen from Gold Coast Australia plz reply 🌹☺☺ @theellenshow
  • capturemoments_tlhSo sad.
  • capturemoments_tlhA reminder of that everyting we have can disappear faster than we can imagine. Great that it went well under the circumstances!
  • lindafrank10Now that's scary too close for comfort
  • cec_urnesHi I'm here helping @colour_me_creative @kristinawebb_ I just want to say that she has inspired me so much that I got back into art! I really think you should feature her xx #helpkristinagetonellen
  • benedicteoverliCome 2 Norway ♥ I love your show
  • _chantellerose_Come back to Australia but perform in portland I really like u plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • pamato0804gmaicomWhat happend????sorry if I spell stuff wrong I'm only 10
  • aynne1212Prayers and light
  • victorialford@colour_me_creative she's inspired me to draw, and to express your feelings on paper, no matter what you are feeling. It's helped so much! Even if you aren't good you're still allowed to draw where it is for pleasure or just because you love drawing! She's inspired me so much! I also love the Ellen show and id love to see her feature ohn it! Please Ellen😘 @theellenshow @kristinawebb_
  • kennarandallEmma says likes this photo!!!!!!
  • gabbyyalvarezMy farm caught fire too three horses were injured
  • slimthicketyThat's across from jamie foxx big ass house! Yea you have a lot of land lady!
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