@caribbeanmocha "The Haitian Princess" Brooklyn born
  • ochocinco@caribbeanmocha "The Haitian Princess" Brooklyn born

  • _bellefanmkreyol81@so_infamous damn babe thnks for the hate but i love me u should try to.. @feclevia love the hate babe... Haitians have hair boo.. Look it up and it doesnt matter what your ignorant... ;)
  • _bellefanmkreyol81*that
  • ashleyrabbit@rockabillycupcake I spy...👀
  • pixxi3dust@caribbeanmocha let them hate half of them don't even have or know their history Haiti speaks for itself!
  • lappathelilyah@caribbeanmocha I'm hatin that u have ur arm around his waist... Girl, does he feel as fine as he looks? Lol! He's so dang sexy!
  • rlakafreshNice!! Represent for us Haitian beautiful @caribbeanmocha
  • rlakafreshI'm one too!
  • rlakafreshDon't respond to ignorance. People just don't like their life & rather hate on others bcuz they got nothing better to do. My family Haitian and all have long "Real" hair idiots. Stop focusing on things u only hear about in media. Smh. Do y'all! @caribbeanmocha @pixxi3dust @lilimurphy
  • rlakafreshCheck yourself idiot!! @feclevia .. u probably a fake wanna be anyways.
  • born_pretty_2017_january_20th_Don't come for him if he don't send for you all u heaters leave him alone
  • waynezworld_Damn no wonder women don't have female friends. You'll never this kind of hate amongst men. Maybe boys but not men.
  • nessa_sajI luv u more Chad one nation under God Haitian for life
  • so_infamousHow was I hating saying where u got the dress from? lol I wanted the same dress that's why I made that face lol wow ppl love to assume....you look fine no one was hating 😉 @caribbeanmocha
  • heiress_1987@caribbeanmocha u look great my haitian sister !
  • ms.melizawow all that.. lmfao social media is a circus.. u did come off as a hater by mentioning the price a simple u look pretty in the dress would of been fine. then maybe it wouldnt of been taken wrong.
  • so_infamousI mentioned the price because someone asked where it was from 😎 @sexymeliza so if I said it was $100 would I have come off as a hater? LOL people love to ASSUME negativity from a simple response SMH...pretty girl/hot dress and I'm still mad I didn't buy it 😫
  • musicalgenius305Cute
  • jamericasfynestThis picure is dope. I'm mad @caribbeanmocha only got it for $10. Any sane person wouldnt have left that dress. I love a bargain!!!
  • diamondsareagirlsbestfriend31Cute
  • dejoie_dollStfu @boon185 & @feclevia my whole fam (sister & plethora of cousins have long hair & always did) People in all cultures/ethnic backgrounds do, especially these days! News Flash: White ppl too---they've BEEN rocking extensions & weaves. So Please stop tryna act like Dominicans don't ever rock weave/extensions or fake hair simply because they're Dominicana! Dummy. #StopHatinonHaiti 💙❤ Proud Haitian
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