Love u Lexi u did tht something they can't take from u
  • jimjonescapoLove u Lexi u did tht something they can't take from u

  • bxbomber456👍👍👍
  • mizzletlet_daphuckuthoughtI love u too @jimjonescapo
  • bigzoee@jimjonescapo congrats HARLEM stand up 🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓
  • princess_leatha1From NY 2 SC 📕🎒👏🎓 @jimjonescapo
  • fuccfakebitches3👏👏👏
  • scrypt23I'm proud of ya sis to C.A.P.O..........Why he can't learn how to screen shot and crop like everybody else
  • millsaamAwesome
  • r_nitaWonderful!...great accomplishment!! Another blk girl that rocks!
  • tashamahagonyParents went to Morris college!
  • precious_j@ipukeglam0ur
  • hothands2099They hate to see anybody of color doing anything positive with their life fucking lowlifes
  • eselimstylesStill in that prejudice down here in the sc.....they try to keep it undercover but its coming out through our own pulled over last week for doing 47 in a 40, told me the SL was 35!!!! Can't wait for court...I got my evidence! #not paying$133foraticket @jimjonescapo and watch out if they mention your tint...they want to search! Nevertheless, congrats to your sister, a prime example of "you cant stop me....I got the brains to prove it!
  • gqjq82@e_selim you lucky you not in NY that $133 ticket would be $500 up here and that prejudice shit hidden EVERYWHERE not just down south smh! Their loss tho IGNORANCE!
  • rose_bud_79_@jimjonescapo my graduation ceremony is June 8th for my BA
  • jahceoCongratulations
  • hvnlyblssdSo?? You can't have tint on the windows ,down south, and @gqjq82 ,a tint ticket cost $500?? Wow...
  • gqjq82@hvnlyblssd NOO lol not a Tint ticket a speeding ticket.. One for tint tho run you $180 smh
  • gqjq82U can have tints but not darker than a certain amount smh they got a meter that reads how dark it is they quick to pull it out! @hvnlyblssd
  • mz_honestteeIeeeee
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