Cody Franson and Frazer McLaren look on during morning skate #TMLtalk #Leafs
  • mapleleafsCody Franson and Frazer McLaren look on during morning skate #TMLtalk #Leafs

  • york51_gitr lets fucking go
  • torontoalin@waabb yea why play a big body that goes hard to the net...right??? A guy like him as inexperienced as he is should be given a shot regardless. Last game the leafs were scared to go in the corners. Coloborne makes up for his inexperience with determination and a nose for the corners and the net. I'm not saying top 3 lines but give the kid some playin time on 4th line duties. #justsayin
  • mezzaniineLeafs better win it!!!!!!!!!'
  • oy5tervi5ion@torontoalin I agree, in the playoffs will beats skill
  • brodiehunter7Good luck tonight boys @torontomapleleafs
  • xvssvn@gottawingame2
  • nathank772500th like!
  • waabb@torontoalin Colborne is tall. He def isnt a "big body" kid has poor skating. Doesnt have nhl puck sense. He will never be an nhl regular. His aspirations would be a 4th line player at best. Frattin who has proven with his skating, goal scoring amd forchecking can be a much bigger asset and a potential everyday NHLer is a much betyer choice. Its not all about size in the nhl anymore. Skill and speed is what wins. Aka. Pittsburgh, Chicago, Detroit, and "give the kid some playing time" lmao
  • waabbThats for the preseason not playsoffs
  • noahrussell192563
  • torontoalin@waabb 6'5 AND 220 isn't big? You must watch a lot of basketball. He was drafted by Boston which will give him more drive to burn his old team. Plus he's young and has potential beyond the 4th line. Second of I never spoke of Frattin, I think he's proven but since your shuffling lines Colborne should get a shot on my opinion.
  • torontoalin@phlexiblephil 👍
  • waabb@torontoalin No way he is 220. Most height and weight stats are skewed. Je is 200 at best
  • jpalachiLeafs dont need big players, they need speed, we won't be able to out beat the bruins physically, thats why we need gardiner. Gardiner has a lot of speed and good puck handling skills which will be a great factor for the leafs defense. Colborne is useless to us. Hes scratched for a reason. This isnt a time to 'test out the kid' Its the fucking playoffs. Speed is what we need, not size.
  • dpaolucc@jpalachi glad you're not in charge, the only way to beat the bruins is to finish checks and frustrate them
  • waabb@dpaolucc really? Im pretty sure the top teams in the league are fast and not heavy hitting. Use skill and speed. Your old school thoughts dont apply in todays NHL
  • torontoalin@dpaolucc 👍. @jpalachi wount be able to out beat the bruins physically? Really cuz that's exactly what happend game two! It showed when the leafs weren't afraid to hit Chara that the bruins were no longer the ones dictating physicality. Granted we were faster tonight but the fact we gave the bruins a piece of thier own medicine by taking the body played a huge roll in gaining momentum and ultimately in winning the game. Just goes to show you that physicality STILL plays a major part in the game of hockey and more specifically playoff hockey. Guys like Phaneuf, Fransen, jvr and lupul all stepped up. THANK GOD KESSEL SCORED 👌. Finally glad to see he got the monkey off his back, and in turn stuck it to all those Boston bruin hecklers 😎
  • bhadra96@torontoalin and leafs won the night!
  • jpalachiSpeed is what WON them the game
  • torontoalin@bhadra96 👍👊
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