RV - Extreme Sports #helloharto
  • hartoRV - Extreme Sports #helloharto

  • jesslikescoffeeI doubt that's Hannah, because those kind of look like male hands.
  • sarah123456789I love that you whittle! @myharto :-) haha
  • geokenWiddling, lol. Not for the weak of harto!
  • pearlwI am made nervous by this.
  • crysco_kidEveryday Yo Wiittl'n.
  • chloewriightyLooks like its going great
  • kattansikteOoh can't you carv a flute and play carrot onecie;)
  • browneyedgerlJust whittling away the time huh?
  • kateburbaaJust a whittle bit ^
  • brianj_kennedyOh aren't you guys just a bunch of whittle comedians? I wood like to know if there are any other be-whittling jokes.
  • katiealsteadCome on guys, these jokes are getting a whittle bit annoying now!
  • wifeofphilecopWood you please stop all the jokes? They're knot funny. ;)
  • chlobro24Hannah you really are like a dad. Puzzles, whittling, and constant witty puns... What if Hannah is really just a 60 year old dude who's fooled is all 😱
  • notjudgedread7@chlobro24 I think you nailed it.
  • jacobbenjamin004@myharto where did you buy your knives?
  • mysss29Is that a kiridashi? ;=) You've got to show us some of the results!
  • tigersaurTry doing that with a quarter!
  • landragonWhittle whittle whittle, whittle whittle YEAH!!! Lol
  • awatkins1976Nope.
  • fayenicolelowCan't believe how much you have inspired me.. so grateful. I'm also stalking all of your old photos, weird? Let's just say no. I'm too far in now to go back @myharto
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