Checkin' out dem Tetons! #helloharto
  • hartoCheckin' out dem Tetons! #helloharto

  • morgandragonYou're in Wyoming??? I love Wyoming. Hands down one of the prettiest states ☺
  • petmagnet13Make sure the mic is on
  • lpattersondrawsNice jacket!
  • simonlucnDid you know "tétons" means "tits" or "titties" in Canadian French?
  • obnoxioustomcat@sgt623 hahaha same here! The weather in florida is so fuckey. I pray for a few more cold days but I strongly doubt it!
  • ninja_swizzleMake sure to stop at Devils Tower National Monument and when you get to South Dakota a must is Badlands National Park it's right off of 90. @myharto
  • candyjeanI <3 Grand Tetons
  • hannah5228Can't wait to see you in Boston on the 25th! Have fun in Wyoming!
  • akiki03@myharto I lived in the GTNP for five years. Miss it! Have fun.
  • ehhnotbradThat lady has some nice Tetons
  • liedtkeclayWelcome to my home state! I'm from green river, so you're not even going near it, but hey, enjoy you're drive through.
  • dariansunya@myharto You should DEFINITELY stop in Laramie, WY and crash my prom!! I love your vids soooooo much!!! ❤❤ @myharto
  • conradsxgrimoireHoly shit you're here?! Till when?!
  • ebeach_1993Omg you're in my state! :) just proves, you've got fans everywhere baby :)
  • dariansunyaAlso we will have food at my house Hanna so... Incentive? I think yes🍤🍝 @myharto
  • kennerrdy@myharto @dariansunya please come crash our prom!!!!! We love you so much!!!!!
  • brriogorrmanFUck me. Please fuck me so hard.
  • amalley31pearl should have her own channel, shes funny!!
  • _tromba_@amalley31 pearl does have a channel
  • kanyaeger^ so I wasn't the only one who thought of modest mouse
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