This is so @janessapk. Vegan breakfast sausage sandwich. #breakfast #everythingiwanted #tofu #foodcart #pdxeats #stumptownvegans #veganfoodshare #longmorning
  • jdfunksThis is so @janessapk. Vegan breakfast sausage sandwich. #breakfast #everythingiwanted #tofu #foodcart #pdxeats #stumptownvegans #veganfoodshare #longmorning

  • jdfunksThought: it's comfortably bland and I could personally, skip the daiya goop, but I really dug it as a morning breakfast sandwich option, and would simply ask for some aardvark in it next time. @donna__noble got the tempeh and loved it.
  • beewrksmm that looks good. yes, always skip the daiya goop in my book!
  • notnotjoshthere is excellent falafel a couple of carts down. probably the best falafel I've found in pdx
  • jdfunks@notnotjosh which one? Will check out! Have you hit wolf &bears or gonzo yet?
  • yellowdressesOmg. Want. Need.
  • janessapkI'd eat that. Erryday.
  • notnotjoshI've tried both of those a few times, neither impressed me much (heh, and once the bloke at gonzo was smoking in the van at closing time). I thiiiink the one I'm talking about is Pita Express (
  • jdfunks@notnotjosh dude, that is gross. I will head their way some time, I am never quite in love with any falafel here...
  • jdfunks@janessapk have I mentioned that I love your new catchphrase?
  • notnotjoshthere's another joint on Alberta (blue olive?) that has pretty decent falafel and super good hummus. falafel has been my quest since getting here, haha
  • jdfunks@notnotjosh I am enjoying this! I went through the same on a search for crunchy, flavorful falafel like I used to enjoy in Boston & New York years ago, but never *quite* found it. I like those two I mentioned, but for different reasons, though Gonzo's was a bit undercooked last time I had it.
  • karlabits@jdfunks have you had Cedo's (on Mlk) yet? Best falafel but most expensive. And I agree with what I heard: I wish I could be there falafel in W&B's wrap.
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