Going through old videos. If in doubt, chuck it out?
  • richardbransonGoing through old videos. If in doubt, chuck it out?

  • jtpaulsIf in doubt, review (perhaps short clip) then make decision...
  • cassiepockDon't lose history making precious moments.
  • vijay1980Don't lose memories
  • rediculouspixNo one in this world can throw out a VHS cassette !!
  • lukesaha@richardbranson I would like to see them
  • krisgodoeBeautiful picture!
  • mattybthelmtPorn collection?
  • confusedgeek@richardbranson if you didn't remember you had it, toss it.
  • mattfromriTransfer them to DVD! Vhs doesn't last forever! I transfer tapes.
  • the_texas_lionessIf it was important to tape, its important to transfer to DVD.
  • hollyreynolds_👆 What they said. Transfer to DVD! 📼👉💿 👏
  • alexkalognomosNo I think everything should be converted
  • pngeleka💐Cleaning house good one rich🌻
  • monimatosBoris Johnson? Is that you? ;)
  • nomadsintouchSir Richard! Heidi Klum is supporting me for Australia's Top job, but now we need you on board! Check out my message to you on my profile :D
  • aleeshaclomonHahaha Exactly!
  • naturalightIm a photographer. You can have anything in the world and those memories will be your greatest accomplishments. :) Convert them to dvd please mr, sooner rather than later!! Hehe you've been told!!
  • rosspickeringSwitch2DVD.co.uk - sorted!
  • mrsmile_gsFamily time - love it)
  • justgoffLegacymediadigital.com good service
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