So sad.
Rest in peace Jeff
  • chriscobracoleSo sad.
    Rest in peace Jeff

  • olvidoselectivoRIP Jeff
  • wyattcobracolelesson to be learned chris. QUIT messing with the spiders!
  • joetraynorHe's obviously going to hell
  • jmartin30Slayer did a tribute for him
  • erikcazares5@mallgrabs you cussed quite a few times in you're arguments, meaning satan has touched you. I agree he probably did end up in hell, but what if he possibly repented before he died? Then God gives chances if he was being sincere.
  • mallgrabs@erikcazares5 when i cuss at people on the internet (which is rare) its only if theyre showing a significant amount of ignorance and also because i dont percieve a lot of users as real people due to the fact ive never seen them before. And Jeff repenting after yelling hail satan for i dont know how many years and being forgiven? Lesbihonest here, there was no sort of love toward God in this guy. End of story.
  • erikcazares5@mallgrabs small chance he did , but God measures the heart and if he somehow did and meant it I see God forgiving him.. But then again you're right and most likely he didn't lol
  • zerowolfdelta@joetraynor @erikcazares5 @mallgrabs God let's all rock legends into heaven. He designed hell as a place of torment to contain nikki miniaj Justin b, and 1D.
  • kast_row_kiddWOOOOOW I cant begin to believe how disrespectful alot of you are. The guys dead, he lived and loved his life. Now lets just send him away with positive thoughts and forget heaven or hell. RiP still greatly missed, jeff.
  • thecupofnoodlesThor lmao
  • yung_goodbyeHey @mallgrabs just say Tom is catholic
  • justinmccurdy<3
  • expensivecorpseWhat band is he from?
  • the_metalskullMe encanta
  • simon_n_c_Slayer look at The back dude!
  • jacob_beanrolla97R.I.P
  • ska8swhat band is he from? you kidding?
  • diebustrolRip jeff
  • mathiiduarteJeff <3
  • toxicdeath99Sad that Jeff died :/
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