Hand written journals with lyrics to feel by yours truly, if you snag that golden ticket (only 3 available) with the purchase of our brand new album! Super stoked about this! #goldenticket #feel
  • kellinquinnHand written journals with lyrics to feel by yours truly, if you snag that golden ticket (only 3 available) with the purchase of our brand new album! Super stoked about this! #goldenticket #feel

  • ellmaybIn love 🙈😏
  • diplomatsnieceOmg I'm in love with this song from the feel album
  • szymmanikBest song ever
  • katie466We have the same handwriting :D
  • jennabarbyou're perfect 😍
  • tahleejohnsonsame! Hahah! @butthurttopia
  • sarahelise00Lol I am listening to free now right now
  • german.jckHas anyone gotten the golden ticket that you know of @kellinquinn ?
  • koala.alexWere they all found?? @kellinquinn
  • ainjellaAww I just saw the Copeland part! I am in love with this song its so full of meaning unlike most of the songs made nowadays
  • taylorvlaurenFree Now is the most amazing song ever!
  • ptvhaileyWhat if the tickets were found and someone didn't know of the contest so they just threw them away..?
  • yaninahierroOmg @kellinquinn that song saved my life, for real, I did my first tattoo with a part of that song and Because of THAT song I just love it thanks for everything, SWS saved me and I really feel free now, love you guys <3 blessings
  • unreacheddreams@kellinquinn ^^^^ dude see this comment please ♡
  • avuhcdos@kellinquinn see this comment :) ^^^^^
  • kindnessforthesoulKellin oh how I wish with everything I can scroll up far enough to see my comment. I wish I could just look at it even though I know it happened. I know I made this promise to you over a year ago, and I've only been keeping it for almost 4 months. I was never able to do it, no matter what I did. Slowly I started to change my mindset. Because of a very special person, but it helped me get clean, and even though the days get longer & longer & I wanna break I think about our promise, & I think about how when I meet you I wanna show you I did it, that I managed to stay clean. I really don't know why I'm ranting I guess I just need to rant to my hero, on an account where I won't get told you don't care, and that you hate me, and blah blah blah. Thank you for replying to me. You have no idea how happy it made me that you read my story. Because I was just being keira, & ranting like I always do. Thanks for being apart of my life for the last 4 years & thanks for being amazing. I'll never stop being proud to say you're my sunshine. I love you so much. Have a good day or night whatever. 👌 So much love and light. ❤️+☀️
  • trashjacky@kellinquinn your a inspiration to me. My "family" is not a family. But just like you did not let that in the way, I won't eathir 👌
  • laplariatkaplanHi Kellin, wow you'll never see this, because you are busy, have a tit load of followers and all around this is just the same thing you hear every day! (But with a twist) I scrolled all the way down this picture because this was the picture where we made the biggest promises any people could make. Almost 2 years ago holy crap! I thought if I promised I wouldn't hurt myself I could do it, I knew I couldn't but I thought I could. I didn't love myself and I didn't care enough to try. I didn't have the motivation and mindset I have now. YOU DIDNT SAVE MY LIFE I DID THAT ON MY OWN, but you have been apart of my life these last 4 years ish. & you have helped pull me through tough times. When I'm crying and I feel like giving up, here's what I do, I turn on sleeping with sirens, and think of all the reasons why I got to where I am. 11 months clean. I spent a year trying to figure out how to get clean, and when I did I still wasn't happy, so I spent more and more of my recovery trying to figure out how to be happy. I've got an idea, but each day brings a new learning and a new set of blessings. One year ago I would've said "yeah sure Kellin and the rest saved my life" but I thought it through and I knew you didn't physically save my life, but I do know you helped me smile, helped me laugh, helped me feel a happiness. As much of a big mush thing to say everytime I have seen you live, I cry. I literally just smile and cry. I'm not sure why but I just cry. I cried at how proud I was when madness came out, just as I was proud about feel, and let's cheers, and with ears, and the acoustic ep, or you making artist of the year, or whatever the future brings for you guys. I will always be proud. I hope you're proud of me, and even if you're not. Thanks for being the greatest hero a girl could ever look to. I love you so much! ❤️
  • hannahxcolliermy fav song hands down😍
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