On #theshowwithvinny did you guys watch it on MTV? Boner everywhere.
  • jennamarblesOn #theshowwithvinny did you guys watch it on MTV? Boner everywhere.

  • morgan_alyssa_mizerI missed it
  • thedankerdinowhy is your tan so terrible/disgusting in that show?
  • jayloves_0304Best episode ever. c:
  • paulafeen@thedankerdino why are you neing rude?
  • angelladair@thedankerdino why are you so terrible and disgusting lol. Who just asks shit like that. Assholes that are ignorant with nothing better to do than hate on girls that are far more gorgeous than they could ever be. Dumb ass. Quit talking shit and find something productive to do with your day :)
  • abbytellesHi jenna I know you won't read this but my friend Catherine and I are your biggest fans. We always watch your videos every week on Thursday since it takes a while :( but you always put a smile on our faces. We have so many inside jokes because of you and some people don't even know and were like watch Jenna marbles.Lol. How to look sexy is our favorite. We really hope to meet you and marbles and Kermit. I love you jenna! I just hope you read this. We are your biggest fans and well you're amazing. Love your sexual :)
  • amandymarksWhat are you famous for?
  • aaron_furneaux@abbyytellless_77 holy hell😂
  • paulfromuhaulI love that episode @jennamarbles
  • brytahI watched it
  • rae.bzI saw JennaMarbles in people magazine. No joke
  • rosa_spear@jennamarbles omg Jenna ily, you inspire me not even joking. Your my favourite YouTuber. And are getting people from London talking about how funny you are ly x
  • jenna_love_23@thedankerdino jenna doesnt give a dick tit brick! ;)
  • iamkristamaewhen they made fun of snooki, lol
  • abianco_5Let's be best friends
  • kiersten.ridoutYour my favorite youtuber I live you @jennamarbles
  • _cawielaneVinny wanted the v 😄
  • aliciaj.x3I have the same sneakers as u those Asics rainbow ones
  • nicolelton13Yup @_cawielane
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