Shooting with @mashondaloyalty was lots of fun. Love the hidden gem Dupri & Me children's store in Harlem! Go check it out!
  • yandysmithShooting with @mashondaloyalty was lots of fun. Love the hidden gem Dupri & Me children's store in Harlem! Go check it out!

  • doridiorOhh & hey @youmendupri 😘
  • youmendupri@adon_smith 2297 Adam Clayton Powell blvd 135 street😊
  • youmendupri@yandysmith
  • kool_ndeadlyYANDY thanks for the pic with the kiddies yesterday love u boo @yandysmith
  • blezzedbeauty@yellowdia1 Correction...Her Husband....Their Business!!! Supporting her Supports him!!! If it wasnt for him she wouldnt have that business!! FOH!!!
  • florida_beauty_collectdere go alicia keys, behind mashonda, get herrrr!!!
  • perfectly_flawed_nanaI really just love you yandy @yandysmith u are my motivation honey when thing dnt go right u dont break down u keep moving forward n become even stronger u inspire me in so many ways 😊😊
  • always_a_lady13Some ppl are to stuck on media & the lives of famous ppl that they tend to forget b4 stardom these ppl were just like any joe off the streets @blezzedbeauty how many deadbeats u know??? Most likely a few may have one your self but because she married someone who u consider a deadbeat wtf that got to do with her u right he may be supporting her business & in turn She's taking that same money to take care of the child they have just cause its not written for the public doesn't mean he doesn't provide one way or another so stop hating have a few 💺💺💺💺& worry bout ur life apparent u don't have much of one if u have all this detail on somebody u never fucked get ur life hater
  • blezzedbeauty@always_a_lady13 1..He needs to support his 3 children that he has n pay his $122,000 in child support that he owes..2..MIND YA FUCKIN BUSINESS...How dare u... The child they have.. No Bitch how about the CHILDREN HE HAS...FOH!!!!
  • blezzedbeauty@always_a_lady13 Clearly u dont know WTF u talking about...How u know I aint Fuk him????
  • always_a_lady13No clearly u don't got shit to do with ur life but be in ppl damn business smh get a damn life @blezzedbeauty & if u did fuck him that makes u look like a bitter scorn ass woman who's mad he aint break ur ass off smh get off it ma
  • blezzedbeauty@always_a_lady13 Go Kill Yaself!!!
  • blezzedbeauty@always_a_lady13 He is my business & the courts too.... LAUGH @ THAT!!!!!
  • blezzedbeauty@always_a_lady13 Y THE FUK U SO CONCERNED
  • blezzedbeauty@always_a_lady13 U A NON FACTOR IN THIS BITCH....KICK ROCKS!!!!
  • always_a_lady13Lmaooooo u mad u a weak bitch hating ass bitch looking for attention like I said u make cause he dropped ur ass with no coins bitch u hating on the next cause she came up bitch go play in traffic & make sure u get hit cause & I'm still laughing @ ur weak groupie ass social media trick or what are u a video hoe damn everybody wanna be superhead get a grip bitch @blezzedbeauty
  • always_a_lady13& it's apparent your ass is a non factor on social media venting with ur depressed ass go put a cock in ur mouth maybe u will shut up for a lil while @mashondaloyalty ask her "y u mad" fucking bird @blezzedbeauty
  • blezzedbeauty@always_a_lady13 C u all n it n dont know what u talking about... Im not talking about Mashonda... C u commenting on shit u have no clue about...
  • always_a_lady13Shut da hell up ding bat it was a miss type but I see u still on it yea u some attention I see lmaooo go on Maury nobody cares about ur issues goof ball but u still 😡😡😡😡 bird now u got ur shine I entertained ur dumb ass way to long go jump on somebody else post & hate @blezzedbeauty
  • colum_bianaY'all bitches just be arguing , and they never give feedback stfu like her pics and if you don't have nothing to say don't say shit at all until I see y'all up here and successful then nobody has room to talk dumb ass @yandysmith tell these hoes
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