• nicolegaleanderson#tbt

  • alwayssmgAwe!
  • absurdelizabethSo cute! You guys are all like 😀🙈🙋
  • aidab__Woaaha STAARR !!;)
  • gaabdiasThis reminds me of my childhood.. I'm feeling so nostalgic right now. I also had a plastic pool like that (who didn't?) and I spent all day playing with my cousins ​​in it. Love uu and I miss you in BATB ❤
  • mckennaabeachhI just wanna tell you that you're an amazing actress and your beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing you on Ravenswood. ❤ @nicolegaleanderson
  • candigurl_Omg! This was the shiz back in the gap ... I still have my pic
  • candigurl_... When we were outside doing my parents house
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