Yes Chef! @marcuscooks
  • chefazYes Chef! @marcuscooks

  • food_loving_sob@denysehturner that sucks that they don't reply, but I guess that's their personalities. Good luck
  • ladydrdenyse@food_loving_sob gonna keep your info! Maybe you won't mind doing a #CulinaryDemo on a #cruise ship and sharing space with a well known chef? It'll definitely expand your reach AND you'll get paid!
  • food_loving_sob@denysehturner yes keep me in mind I'm always out to expand my market and practice my trade
  • reenie625@denysehturner @food_loving_sob idk if its a personality trait as much as it is a challenge. Celebrities (chefs or otherwise) have hundreds, if not thousands of people wanting to talk to them everyday. Over 200 people liked this photo alone. In my opinion, it would be a full-time job to respond to all of us "little people." @chefaz seems like a genuine guy that would be happy to respond if he had the time. I've met @marcuscooks multiple times and I cannot say the same...he is not very friendly with his followers.
  • food_loving_sob@reenie625 while all they is true, they never even respond in any post, nobodies asking for them to respond to us all maybe just acknowledge someone sometime. We make them who they are as celebrities!
  • misishurley@reenie625 I'm intrigued. why do u say @marcuscooks isn't friendly with his followers?
  • misishurleyI agree, they are busy. but it would be nice for them to give a shoutout once in a while :)
  • ladydrdenyse@reenie625 I certainly understand what you're saying and agree with you. I think its always nice to acknowledge your followers sometime. However, I'm not even talking about acknowledging a comment on a picture. I'm talking about using him for an event that could net him a six-figure income!! Think you should respond then??
  • doriaroberts@denysehturner @food_loving_sob both @chefaz and @marcuscooks have either RT'd or responded to me...and I'm not a celebrity. What I am is respectful of their time and energy so maybe that's why I got a response. Someone telling me I 'exist because of their support' wouldn't inspire me to respond either if I were them. And, asking someone (anyone) to perform/appear at an event via social media is not professional. Find their management contact and write a proposal if you haven't already. Don't take it personally...
  • food_loving_sob@doriaroberts the fact remains we do make them who they are as celebrities, our support for them is what gives them what they have today. There was no disrespect toward them what so ever. But the fact that you felt the news to lecture anyone over social media doesn't surprise me. If I wanted your opinion or life experience in this matter I would have given it to you. Have a great day. Response not necessary!
  • ladydrdenyse@doriaroberts unfortunately, you do not have the full story. I wasn't the one who said "they exist because of my support". This is the first time I've even said anything to @chefaz on social media. I've been working with his assistant by phone and email and have submitted a professional proposal to him. So, I'm sorry if you have the picture incorrect. :(
  • ladydrdenyse@doriaroberts in fact, I've been working with his assistant for over a year and the relationship has been more than professional. :)
  • doriaroberts@food_loving_sob well, when you make public comments on a public forum (on the internet) expect public commentary that doesn't agree with you. if you don't want a response that isn't contrary, keep it to yourself and deal with it. otherwise, 'you get what you give'. doesn't feel so good to have someone you don't know passing judgement on you, does it? famous or not. #realtalk
  • doriaroberts@denysehturner i don't have the full story but you didn't make the full story available did you? you made it sound as if you'd been categorically ignored on the chef's page and engaged in a conversation with someone else who felt 'snubbed' and judged the chef's personality based on your interaction. but, i'm not sure why you would expect someone to respond after calling them out the way you have. regardless of how you've handled it up until now, that's the unprofessional part of it and that's what i commented on--the information i had in front of me.
  • ladydrdenyse@doriaroberts ma'am, if you look back up at the conversation you'll see my comment to @chefaz was he's "a hard person to get". What's wrong with that? I think you're judging ME based on someone else's conversation.
  • ladydrdenyse@doriaroberts BTW, nice repertoire!
  • reenie625@teewaypazhurley he has a very entitled, too busy to be bothered attitude. I honestly didn't comment on this thread to get involved in conversational drama, just an opinion, that's all.
  • ladydrdenyse@reenie625 I feel you! I wish I hadn't gotten!
  • jdvivreMpls dudes!
  • kassandrajae@phil_robinson OH MY GOD
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