Photo by @yamashitaphoto.  Monks at work: novices sweep the grounds of the monastery as daily chore. #bagan #Myanmar @7daysinmyanmar @edmbooks @natgeo @thephotosociety
  • natgeoPhoto by @yamashitaphoto. Monks at work: novices sweep the grounds of the monastery as daily chore. #bagan #Myanmar @7daysinmyanmar @edmbooks @natgeo @thephotosociety

  • mariosoldadoEquilibrio!
  • trivial_pursuits_of_nick_moraThat's awesome!
  • epicjenkoSo cool. Young Monks @ Work
  • trickystyle@theoriginalcheeky islam is perfect? Right, your prophet married a 9 year old.
  • jhonydhdiscussing religion is useless!
  • svtv_96This picture looks amazing
  • viajeroscallejerosIncredible!!!
  • estemdevacancesWe love Myanmar!!!
  • ilyaziehbu7maidEvery life lost is a tragedy no matter what religion they belong to. Some people like to twist things to their own advantage and just plain ignore things they can't twist, you shouldn't judge a religion by how it's believers present it even though it's their duty.
  • willy_linSabbe satta bhavantu sukhitatta (may all beings happy)
  • _lisa_marie94_Great pic
  • donihulanice pic
  • theoriginalcheeky@trickystyle like I said: islam is perfect. When you know what you are talking about, then get back to me, because you are making yourself look so moronic. ☺👍
  • jayalfkt83Nice pic!! ... All these negative comments on here further proves to me that religion was put out here to segregate people .... Everybody wants to believe their own bs thinking its 100% true ....its called faith for a reason!! Woosaaaa!!
  • carboholicsconfessions@jayalfkt83 finally some sense!
  • tralphs_????????????????
  • bymyat@ilyaziehbu7maid exactly! Some people are just plain ignorant. just cuz there is killing involved, calling out one side only is just ridiculous. In this case, there were/are so many internal conflicts and injustice happenings by both sides in Burma. What media portrays is not all to the story, so be open minded. Blaming, labeling, and judging others? You are also part of the reason why things like that still happening around the world.
  • shosha_mqاللهم رد كيد البوذا بنحورهم
  • shosha_mqيالي يتلصوره ديانة البوذه
  • maysumgStupid monks are kill the people , intelligence monks are peace all the people.
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