Final preparations ahead of tonight's Game 3
  • mapleleafsFinal preparations ahead of tonight's Game 3

  • adamsklar10LETS GO BOYS
  • allothergoodnamesweretakenBoston strong!
  • jalenm71Boston's gonna win tha series. @wilsinclair, how u like me commenting on the fuckin leafs. We're gonna clean the ice with kessel's queer ass
  • adamsklar10@dan_13_ they suck??? We are in the playoffs and just beat Boston so suck my dick you fuckin pussy
  • jalenm71Haha ^
  • adamsklar10@dan_13_ your fuckin stupid
  • jalenm71Watchin the game now. They got a Mountie or something singin anthem and swear to god seidenberg was about to laugh his ass off
  • adamsklar10@dan_13_ your a lakers fan you can't talk. They got swept. Hahahaha your such a fag
  • jalenm71@adamsklar , wrong sport man, that basketball
  • adamsklar10@jmadden_71 get off his dick bro wtf. Clearly this piece of shit doesn't know anything about hockey
  • jalenm71I don't even know him ya fuckin retard. I live in New England. So unless his dick is 5,000 miles it's not possible. Who doesn't know anything now? @adamsklar
  • jalenm71Not sure how this got basket ball but yeah, @dan_13_ , kd should have. That MVP. At least he doesn't bitch about foul calls like lebron
  • jalenm71He's such a pussy too. You hear him talking about whn he dunked over Jason terry. He thinks he's better than jordan
  • jalenm71I don't care, always fun to mess with Canadians.
  • jalenm71Well, only the retarded ones. The rest I don't mind.
  • future_canuckGo Toronto!!
  • zmetishdYea lets go boys
  • hazzaalhammadiI like this game
  • aranger_31Asshole
  • olive_the_crazy_oneSo beautiful
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